13 Best MMA Gear Brands Ranked (2023 and Beyond)

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Are you interested in purchasing some MMA gear but are unsure of the best MMA brands in the business?

In this article, we’ll look at the 13 best MMA brands and provide some information about each, such as their best-selling products and the reasons why they’re the best.

13 Best MMA Gear Brands

MMA as a sport has only been around since the early 1990s, but in that short time, many companies have tried entering the space.

Many of the biggest early players are now nowhere in sight as the following best MMA brands have managed to prosper by selling great products.

Here are the 13 best MMA brands you can trust for equipment/gear in 2023 and beyond.

Note: Some of the following brands aren’t primarily MMA brands but they’ve been included because they also create MMA products and their martial art products are widely used by MMA fighters and practitioners.

1. Venum

>Founded: 2006 in Paris, France, by Franck Dupuis

>Best features: High quality and design originality

>Best product line: UFC line, boxing gloves range, shin guards

Venum is a French MMA brand serving Europe, North and South America, and Asia. In 2020, Venum announced a partnership with the UFC to become the promotion’s official outfitter starting in 2021, replacing Reebok.

This partnership allowed Venum to further increase the quality of its products. Most of Venum’s products are designed for MMA, but Venum also manufactures products for boxing, muay Thai, Bjj, and karate.

The reason for Venum disrupting the market and quickly becoming one of the top MMA brands is they focused on offering quality and original design products which they’ve maintained for 17 years into 2023.

Venum is a private company so quality could be maintained instead of profit chasing for shareholders.

Venum’s success can also be attributed to opening its first workshop in Rio, Brazil, a country hugely passionate about MMA, as well as gaining a lot of traction by sponsoring 200 UFC fighters between 2009 and 2015.

However, the quality, originality, and affordability are what kept Venum going.

Venum’s first products were ripstop fight shorts (popular amongst grapplers) and cotton t-shirts, and they now have everything Mixed martial artists need in terms of both training equipment and apparel.

Venum Store: https://amzn.to/3lQou2F

2. Hayabusa

>Founded: 2006 in Ontario, Canada, by Craig Clement, David Zikakis, Ken Clement, and Luke Harris.  

>Best features: Premium quality and long-lasting products

>Best product line: Boxing gloves range

Hayabusa Fightwear took its name from the Japanese translation of the peregrine falcon, which is also the brand logo. Hayabusa originally sold fight gloves, rash guards, and fight shorts, three essentials for MMA training.

Today, Hayabusa has worldwide availability and has become a one-stop shop for everything MMA and martial art products, including top-of-the-line gloves, footwear, coaching and training equipment, and jiu-jitsu products such as gi’s and belts.

Hayabusa lives by the martial art philosophy of Kaizen and applies it to all of its products; continual improvement based on continual learning. 

Hayabusa is well known for its research-funded approach to the safety and performance of materials used and the products they make.

They funded research carried out by the University of Waterloo and the University of Cincinnati to create what they see as the gold standard of boxing gloves.

Overall, while Hayabusa is not the cheapest MMA brand on the market, the quality of its products speaks for itself, as does anyone who owns a Hayabusa product.

3. Revgear

>Founded: 1996 in California, USA, by Paul Reavlin

>Best features: Longevity, affordability, wholesale

>Best product line: mitts, pads, and shields (targets)

Revgear is one of the longest-serving MMA and martial arts brands, they ship worldwide, and they have the most extensive range of products of any MMA brand on this list.

Revgear is well-known for being fairly priced and having a complete range of products, and it has been the wholesaler for many martial arts schools and gyms worldwide.

They have a wholesaler registration on their website which can be used to make large/custom orders.

Revgear’s first products were MMA training gloves and a five-sided and curved training shield – which are still some of their best products in 2023.

Their longevity has allowed them to continually expand, where they now serve MMA, kickboxing, boxing, krav maga, jiu-jitsu, muay Thai, and more.

4. Fairtex

>Founded: 1958 in Bangkok, Thailand, by Philip Wong

>Best features: Top quality products at a fraction of the price 

>Best product line: Shin guards range and boxing/muay Thai gloves range

Fairtex is first and foremost a Muay Thai brand but they’re also great for boxing and MMA gear. As Muay Thai is such a foundational martial art for MMA fighters, Fairtex can be considered one of the best MMA brands for striking needs.

Fairtex is renowned for selling quality enduring products for a fraction of the price of their highly-priced competitors. Fairtex is headquartered in Pattaya, Thailand, and delivers worldwide due to having distributors in more than 50 countries.

For this reason, Fairtex is one of the top MMA brands for intermediates who need high-quality affordable products. However, Fairtex is also used by elite MMA fighters in the UFC, Bellator, and ONE Championship. Fairtex has been ONE Championship’s glove designer since 2010.

Fairtex’s most popular products with excellent reviews are the premium leather BGV1 sparring gloves, SP3 Pro Shin Guards, and Curved Muay Thai Pads. A quick search shows how an overwhelming majority of their products have thousands of 4.5 – 5 star reviews.

5. Sanabul

>Founded: 2014 in California, USA, by Imran Jawaid

>Best features: Great value and affordability

>Best product line: Ultra light Bjj gi’s and MMA sparring gloves

Primarily a Brazilian jiu-jitsu brand, Sanabul also offers MMA, boxing, kickboxing, fitness equipment, and apparel – so they’re a full-stack MMA brand.

Noticeable about Sanabul is the popularity of a wide range of products, unlike other MMA brands which have a few standout performers.

They have popular gi’s, MMA sparring gloves, MMA headgear, MMA shinguards, a boxing gloves range, and compression/training shirts and shorts.

Despite being one of the most recently founded MMA brands, this consistency is making Sanabul one of the best MMA brands and one that’s still quickly rising.

For the price, Sanabul is hard to compete with – making them an excellent choice for beginners to MMA and other martial arts, and even intermediates.

Sanabul promises sweatshop-free manufacturing and eco-aware materials. They currently have sponsored athletes: Michael Bisping, Sean O’Malley, and Gilbert Burns – and John Danaher has been a consultant and brand ambassador since 2018.

6. RDX Sports

>Founded: 1999 in Manchester, England, by Ahtesham Sadiq

>Best features: Aesthetics and value for kids and beginners

>Best product line: Shin guards, body protectors, and MMA/boxing gloves

RDX is a top destination for MMA/martial arts beginners because they provide great quality gear at great prices. Many martial artists swear by the quality and longevity of RDX products and continue to use them after years of training.

They’re also one of the best MMA brands for kids as they have a complete section dedicated to kids’ MMA and combat sports products. This includes reaction bags, heavy bags, MMA/boxing gloves, head guards, and punch mitts.

RDX Sports also offers a great variety of MMA products and aesthetically pleasing designs. Some of their most popular products are shin guards, headgear, training equipment, coaching equipment, and boxing/MMA gloves: for grappling, sparring, training, and competition.

Alongside MMA and boxing gear, RDX also sells yoga, weightlifting, mobility and stability, and fitness equipment, meaning they’re the closest thing to a one-stop shop for a mixed martial artist on the market.

Tony Ferguson is their main sponsored MMA athlete and they’ve also worked with Randy Couture and Michael Bisping in the past.

7. Combat Sports International

>Founded: 2005

>Best features: Complete MMA catalog

>Best product line: Max Strike MMA Training Gloves, bags, pads, and shields

Combat Sports International makes and sells gear for MMA, muay Thai, kickboxing, and Bjj. Combat Sports International literally have no marketing as they let their products do the talking.

Combat Sports International offers wholesale to gyms and schools where prices and units can be negotiated. Of all the MMA brands on this list, Combat Sports International has by far the most products for sale.

Their sections include conditioning, gloves, bags and dummies, protective gear, coaching equipment, apparel, cages, rings, and even accessories such as flooring. You could fit and supply a complete MMA gym for several martial arts by only using what they sell.

Some of their most trusted and popular products are the Big Pad Kicking Shield, MMA Training Shin Guards, and personally recommended by Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone the Max Strike MMA Training Gloves as they’re very long-lasting and have perfect padding for MMA.

8. Ring to Cage

>Founded: by Mohsin Mughal (date unknown)

>Best features: Variety and wholesale buying

>Best product line: Boxing gloves range: Japanese-style 2.0 (c17) and 34/50 oz Deluxe MiM-Foam Sparring Boxing Gloves

Ring to Cage is an MMA, muay Thai, and boxing wholesaler offering great discounts to retailers, distributors, and customers of their products. They also offer custom logos on a huge range of MMA and combat sports products.

Ring to Cage offers kids’ and women’s sections, body care, dummies, coaching and conditioning, jiu-jitsu gi’s, training pads, gloves, hand wraps, bags, protection, and even apparel.

By far their most popular products are their boxing gloves range, R2C Mesh Gear Bag, dummies, and their range of mitts and pads.

9. Meister

>Founded: 2006 in Oregon, USA, by Cole Peyton 

>Best features: Value and affordability

>Best product line: 100 lb heavy bag and body/headgear range

Meister is a fitness and martial arts brand who’ve created its products around the belief most beginner gear is useless and most professional gear is overpriced. Meister, therefore, positions itself somewhere between intermediates and high-level MMA practitioners.

Some of Meister’s popular products are its headgear range, punching bag range, hand wraps, compression shorts, range of gym and fitness bags, and miscellaneous products like glove deodorizers and cornerman supplies.

Overall, the majority of their products are exceptionally well received and have hundreds of 4.5 star + ratings attesting to their perfect balance between quality and affordability.

10. Shock Doctor

>Founded: 1992 in California, USA, by Steve Washburn

>Best features: Complete range of protective equipment for athletes

>Best product line: Mouthguards and overall protective equipment

While Shock Doctor isn’t an MMA-specific brand, they make the list because many of their protective products are great for MMA – especially their mouthguards, cups, and knee sleeves.

Some of their other products used heavily in MMA are braces and sleeves for ankles, knees, calves, elbows, shoulders, and also ice compression wraps, compression shorts, and leggings.

Overall, protection gear is their specialty and they definitely have something to offer to everyone in MMA.

11. Diamond MMA

>Founded: 2010 in Illinois, USA, by Craig Diamond

>Best features: Specializing to create the best product

>Best product line: Groin protection system (shorts, cup, jockstrap)

Diamond MMA is one of the top MMA brands as they specialize in a groin protection system consisting of compression shorts with a built-in patented jockstrap system and a cup for the best groin protection on the market.

The system was designed alongside Stanford University engineers and is the premium groin protection used by the majority of top-level fighters in the top MMA promotions globally.

The cup and shorts come in both adult and kid sizes. Their main sponsored athlete is former UFC fighter Anthony ‘Showtime’ Pettis.

12. ONX Sports

>Founded: 2015 in Colorado, USA, by Trevor Wittman

>Best features: Premium quality and comfort

>Best product line: Leg armor (shin guards and knee pad) and boxing glove range

ONX Sports was founded by hugely experienced MMA coach Trevor Wittman, who believed combat sports products to be lacking quality and any progression. For this reason, ONX Sports has created five premium MMA products for people serious about their training.

The products are on the pricey side but they definitely make ONX Sports one of the best MMA brands. Their five specialized products are leg armor, three variations of boxing gloves, and ultra-light headgear. They have MMA gloves in the pipeline and also sell apparel.

All products are made with premium materials and are designed for maximum comfort so MMA fighters can train harder and longer.

13. Everlast

>Founded: 1910 in The Bronx, New York, USA, by Jacob Golomb

>Best features: Inexpensive and does the job

>Best product line: MMA/boxing gloves range and punching bags

If this list was made 10 years ago, Everlast would be a lot higher up. However, unfortunately, Everlast was acquired in 2007 by Frasers Group, so the company has become more about corporate profits and the quality has suffered.

Despite this, Everlast’s inexpensiveness and large company size means it has something to offer for everyone involved in martial arts/MMA, especially beginners.

Some of its best products are its extensive variety of MMA and boxing gloves, punching bags, footwear, and mitts.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, current/future professional MMA fighter, gym owner, or coach, these are the best MMA brands on the market in 2023 and beyond to serve all MMA gear needs for every level of practitioner and business.

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