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GroundedMMA: Your Premier Destination for UFC, MMA, and Combat Sports Insights.

At GroundedMMA, we’re more than just a website – we’re a comprehensive resource for anyone passionate about UFC, MMA, martial arts, and combat sports.

Our mission is to provide you with a rich blend of content, from detailed informational articles to top product recommendations.

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a curious newcomer, GroundedMMA is your go-to source for reliable, in-depth information.

Mission Statement

Empowering and Enlightening: The Essence of GroundedMMA.

GroundedMMA is driven by a singular mission: to offer our readers the most thorough, unbiased understanding of various topics within the realm of combat sports and martial arts.

We delve into each subject with an unwavering commitment to research and truth. Our content is crafted to inform and enlighten, providing clarity and insight into the complex world of martial arts.

Our Story

The Evolution of GroundedMMA: From Passion to Authority.

The journey of GroundedMMA began in April 2022, fueled by a deep-seated passion for UFC and MMA. In less than two years, we’ve published over 300 articles, becoming a trusted source for 65k monthly readers.

Our path hasn’t been without challenges, but our dedication to quality content has never wavered. We remain steadfast in our vision to be a leading voice in the industry, adapting and growing with every article we publish.

Who We Are

The People Behind GroundedMMA: Passionate, Knowledgeable, Committed.

GroundedMMA was founded by Robert James Watts, an ardent enthusiast of MMA who began his training journey after being captivated by the UFC in 2020.

Despite being relatively new to the sport compared to many others, Robert’s deep enjoyment and excitement for martial arts are evident in the rapid growth of GroundedMMA in less than two years.

Robert’s experience reflects a broader belief that martial arts are more than just physical disciplines; they are life lessons in discipline, honesty, hard work, gratitude, and teamwork. These values are not only central to martial arts but are also essential life skills that positively impact various aspects of life.

At GroundedMMA, we share Robert’s vision and passion. Our team, though diverse in experiences, is united in our commitment to martial arts. We strive to deliver content that not only informs but also inspires, mirroring the transformative power of martial arts in every article we publish.

Our Responsibility

Commitment to Integrity and Excellence: The GroundedMMA Promise.

At GroundedMMA, our editorial integrity is non-negotiable. We are committed to:

  • Providing Comprehensive Coverage: Our articles are the result of exhaustive research, ensuring a holistic understanding of each topic.
  • Upholding Editorial Excellence: We rigorously edit and review our content to maintain the highest standards of quality and accuracy.
  • Ensuring Ethical Affiliate Practices: Our partnership with Amazon is rooted in honesty and transparency, offering you products that are not only top-rated but also add real value to your martial arts journey.

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Engage, Share, Grow: Be Part of the GroundedMMA Community.

Your voice is vital to the GroundedMMA experience. We encourage you to connect with us through comments, our contact form, and Twitter.

Your feedback and suggestions are not just heard; they shape our content. Whether you’re looking for a quick update or an in-depth analysis, your preferences guide our writing.

Join us in this journey of exploration and discovery in the world of MMA.

Robert James Watts

Born in 1994 in Essex, England, Robert James Watts combines his academic background in history with his passion for martial arts to bring a unique perspective to GroundedMMA.

A proud alumnus of the University of Hull, where he earned a BA in History, Robert has seamlessly transitioned into a full-time career as a writer and editor, specializing in UFC, MMA, and combat sports.

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