5 Best MMA Cups 2023 (Premium, Budget, Female)

Are you wondering what the best MMA cups are in 2023 and beyond?

In this article, we’ll look at the best MMA cups overall, on a budget, for striking-specific training, and also the best for women. We’ll look at the design of each cup and explain why they’re the best MMA cups on the market.

Best MMA Cups 2023

The following cups are specifically designed for MMA, rather than being cups designed for other sports that can also be used for MMA or martial arts.

Wearing a cup in MMA is important in order to prevent trips to the hospital, and wearing one of the following best MMA cups means you won’t have to buy another cup any time soon.

Best MMA Cup Overall
Diamond MMA Athletic Cup (Diamond Groin Protection System)

>Manufacuted in the USA using premium quality materials

>Built-in patented 4-strap jock system for excellent fitting and zero shifting

>Soft and thick elastomer edge designed for premium comfort and protection

By far the best MMA cup on the market in 2023 is the Diamond MMA Athletic Cup (cup only), especially when paired with the Diamond Compression Shorts to form the Diamond Groin Protection System – used by the overwhelming majority of MMA and UFC fighters without sponsorships.

Both the compression shorts and cup are manufactured in the USA and use premium quality materials for dedicated martial artists and professional fighters.

The shorts are long-lasting as they’re made from military-grade elastics and premium spandex. They feature a built-in patented 4-strap jock system stopping the Diamond cup from moving in any direction, and the elastic waistband has an adjustable drawstring for excellent fitting to each martial artist.

For outside protection, the cup uses the same material found in bulletproof glass, a hard yet pliable polycarbonate. This is secured by a thick soft elastomer edge designed for premium comfort (no chafing) and absorbing impact (no vibration) to ensure the cup stays firmly in place.

And while the cup and overall protection system are designed for MMA, they can also be used for all martial arts and even non-combat sports.

The Diamond MMA Cup and Groin Cup Protection System also come in both adult and kid sizes from small to XX-Large and have very accurate sizing guides.

Overall, the Diamond MMA Cup and Groin Cup Protection System are premium products priced accordingly. They’re built to last which saves martial artists from having to repurchase a cup and they have over 500 4.7/5 star reviews on Amazon (the most highly rated).

Diamond MMA Compression Shorts Jock Strap Athletic Cup Groin Protector System – Small | Athletic Supporters for Men with Cup for High Impact Sports | Compression Shorts w/ Built In Jockstrap with Cup
  • 🥊 COMPLETE GROIN PROTECTIVE GEAR: The Diamond MMA compression jock and cup system is the ultimate in groin protection for…
  • 💪 PREMIUM HIGH QUALITY: Made from military grade elastics and premium spandex, the Diamond MMA Compression Jock leverages a…
  • 🥋 COMBAT ESSENTIAL: Whether you need mixed martial arts groin protector, muay thai compression shorts, brazilian jiu jitsu…

Best MMA Cup Alternative
Venum Competitor Groinguard

>Two shock-absorbing layers (competitors use one)

>Rubber gel shield to increase comfort and reduce the impact

>The jockstrap uses built-to-last Dry Tech material

You don’t become the UFC’s clothing brand sponsor and designer without producing quality products, and the Venum Competitor Groinguard is another fabulous MMA cup for 2023 and beyond. Venum is a combat-sport-specific brand, making all of its products specialized for MMA and combat sports.

Separating this cup from others is its two shock-absorbing layers and an outside rubber gel shield acting as a third layer to increase comfort, minimize impact, and maximize protection.

The jockstrap uses lightweight Dry Tech material which is soft, light, and moisture-wicking for maximum breathability and comfort while training. This material is also great for maintaining its elasticity.

Overall, the Venum Competitor Groinguard looks great, has an extra layer of protection over other cups, is built to last, is very comfortable, is especially affordable, and has over 500 4.6-star reviews on Amazon attesting to the quality of the product.

Venum Competitor Groinguard and Support – Black/Grey, L
  • Double-layers shock absorbers for supreme groin protection.
  • Three-layers shock absorbers for supreme groin protection
  • Anatomical design replicates the athlete’s body shape and provides unrestricted mobility

Best MMA Cup for Maximum Protection & Striking (Kicking)
Lobloo Thai Cup 2.0

>Steel cup for maximum impact protection

>Patented fitting system for comfort and a full range of motion

>Adjustable fitting system for martial artists of different sizes

The Lobloo Thai Cup 2.0 is made in Sweden and is a modernized version of the traditional steel muay Thai cup. It has a simple patented securing system using an elastic band around the waist and a couple of strings for each leg secured under the glutes.

Both the band and the strings are adjustable so one Lobloo cup can be used by martial artists of different sizes. Once the strings and waistband have been adjusted to the correct size, the cup is set forever as the band and strings don’t move, making it very quick to put on.

Lobloo has different cup protection products for different sports, so this patented fitting system is specially designed for MMA and allows for a complete range of motion, the ultimate protection, and a cup that doesn’t move whether striking, grappling, or using a lot of movement.

The cup is made of alloy steel, so it’s perfect for MMA sessions which feature a lot of kicks (MMA, muay Thai, taekwondo) as the strike is completely absorbed. Also, once an opponent or training partner has hit a steel cup with force, they’re unlikely to make the same mistake.

Overall, the Lobloo Thai Cup 2.0 is also designed for comfort and protection. The cup is the most ventilated of any on the market, the adjustability allows for perfect fitting to different sizes, and many of the 700+ 4.5-star reviews on Amazon attest to the protection it provides without sacrificing comfort.

lobloo Thai Cup 2.0 Patented Athletic Groin Cup for Close Contact Sports as MMA, Krav MAGA, Thai Boxing. Male Size +13yrs
  • DESIGNED BY ATHLETES: Tried and tested by elite athletes active in a multitude of sports.
  • UNRESTRICTED MOVEMENT: Our patented fitting system provides 100% protection and agility.
  • ONE TIME SET UP: Just adjust the straps. Do it right and you’ll be set forever.

Best MMA Cup on a Budget/For Kids
Shock Doctor Jock Strap Supporter With BioFlex Cup

>Great product at an affordable price for all

>Both adult and kid sizes

>Very well-ventilated cup

For between 15 to $20 depending on size, the Shock Doctor Jock Strap Supporter paired with a BioFlex Cup is the best MMA cup on a budget. It has sizes for both adults and kids.

As Shock Doctor is one of the largest combat sports manufacturers, they’ve been able to produce this product (cup and supporter) in mass and deliver everything needed and more of an MMA cup for a budget price.

One of the great positives of the cup is comfort. The BioFlex cup has a vented gel perimeter and is secured inside a stretch mesh pocket, making it breathable, moisture-wicking, unrestrictive to movement, and especially suitable when training MMA in the summer or when expecting a sweaty session.

The jockstrap has an elastic waistband and the sizing of the product is very accurate, again ensuring a great fit without irritation. Most importantly, the cup’s Bioflex material is made to withstand speeds of up to 100mph, which more than covers the needs of any MMA session.

Overall, for the price, the product is a no-brainer and especially suitable for MMA beginners and kids who need a great cup without a huge financial commitment. It’s one of the most highly rated cups on Amazon, with over 6,000 4.5-star reviews.

Shock Doctor Jock Strap Supporter with BioFlex Cup Included. Core Protective Sports Athletic Cup. Adult Men & Youth Sizes
  • PROTECTION – Shock Doctor has been the leading sports protection manufacturer. Designed to shield and transfer shock away from…
  • COMFORT – Created with breathable, four-way stretch mesh, the Core Supporter achieves the perfect fit. The comfort waistband…
  • PERFORMANCE – Vented bio-shape cup designed to shield areas where protection is most crucial. The body of this core protective cup…

Best MMA Cup for Females
Lobloo Aeroslim Pelvic Cup

>Specifically designed for women’s combat sports (competitors aren’t)

>Slim design to allow for a full range of motion

>Soft silicone is comfortable and avoids skin irritation

Lobloo is a Swedish brand specializing in groin protectors for each sport, meaning the Lobloo Aeroslim Pelvic Cup was created with freedom of movement, protection, and comfort in mind for females training in MMA.

The rim of the cup is made from soft silicone which is able to absorb MMA impacts while being comfortable on the skin for hours of use. The cup features a slim design and narrows toward the bottom so it’s not pressed against the legs and allows for a full range of motion – especially important in MMA.

The cup is also longer than other female MMA cups on the market so it can protect against shots coming from underneath. The cup itself is made from polycarbonate, a very strong plastic with great durability and impact resistance.

Much like all Lobloo MMA cups, the Aeroslim Pelvic Cup is designed with its patented fitting system. It has an elastic band in the top which secures around the waist and strings which secure under the glutes. Both the band and strings are adjustable which is why the product is one size fits.

Overall, female MMA cup options are quite limited, and although the Lobloo Aeroslim Pelvic Cup is fairly pricey at $45, it’s the best cup on the market and saves money in the long run as this product is built to last and protect.

lobloo Aeroslim Female Patented Athletic Pelvic Cup for Standup Sports as Kick-, Thai Boxing, Karate, Hockey, Baseball. One Size +9yrs
  • DESIGNED BY ATHLETES: Tried and tested by elite athletes active in a multitude of sports.
  • UNRESTRICTED MOVEMENT: Our patented fitting system provides 100% protection and agility.
  • ONE TIME SET UP: Just adjust the straps. Do it right and you’ll be set forever.

The Bottom Line

The above MMA cups are the best because they’re all designed by combat sports or MMA companies for MMA, rather than being cups designed for contact sports such as hockey and being used in MMA as a secondary.

Of the 5 best MMA cups, the higher priced cups are the best because they use better quality materials and are better designed. 

However, all 5 products have their place and are built to last, are built for MMA, offer great protection, are especially comfortable, and have great systems for securing the cup in place. You can’t go wrong with any of the above best MMA cups.

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