10 Best MMA Clothing Brands Ranked (2023 and Beyond)

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Are you wondering what the best MMA clothing brands are?

In this article, we’ll look at the 10 best MMA clothing brands in 2023 and beyond, ranked starting with the best. However, the best MMA clothing brands are subjective, so it’s worth checking them all out for personal preferences.

10 Best MMA Clothing Brands

This is a 2023 best MMA clothing brands list, meaning many of the old kings such as Tapout and Bad Boy aren’t on the list because they discontinued their clothing lines and there are new players in the industry.

The official store and Amazon store of each brand will be linked below. It’s worth checking both because the prices and sales can vary between the two.

1. UFC

>UFC store

>Amazon store

>Founded: 1993 by Art Davie and Rorion Gracie

The UFC has the most variety of MMA clothing out of any brands on this list. They’re always bringing out new graphic t-shirts and other clothing of UFC fighters.

The clothes can be a little pricey for what they are, but they often have deals where t-shirts go from $35 to $15, so it’s well worth checking out.

They have men’s, women’s, and kid’s sections, plus dedicated men’s and women’s athleisure sections.

2. Venum

>Venum store

>Amazon store

>Founded: 2006 in Paris, France, by Franck Dupuis

Not only is Venum one of the best MMA gear brands, but it’s also one of the best MMA clothing brands. Since becoming the UFC’s official outfitter in 2021, the exposure has led them to ramp up their output and start producing high-quality apparel.

Most of the clothing is form-fitting with quality materials and designs, and it’s also very easy to tell it’s made by an MMA brand. Venum has a men’s, women’s, and kid’s section, and sells a huge variety of clothing including more unusual products like polo shirts and boardshorts.


>RVCA store

>Amazon store

>Founded: 1999 in California, USA, by Pat Tenore and Conan Hayes

RVCA has been around since 1999 and makes some of the best quality clothing in the MMA industry. The clothes are fairly pricey but the clothes are made with better quality materials and have fantastic aesthetics.

RVCA has less of a combat sports/MMA look to the clothing due to its ties with street graffiti, surfing, and skateboarding subcultures.

RVCA sponsor UFC fighters Jalin Turner and Rose Namajunas to advertise their combat sports clothing.

4. Tatami Fightwear

>Tatami store

>Amazon store

>Founded: 2009 in Wales, UK, by Lee Jones & Gareth Dummer

Tatami Fightwear has a wide range of different designs and styles for many types of clothing at low prices. The clothes look great and Tatami is by far the best-value clothes on the list in terms of quality, looks, and price.

Alongside MMA leisurewear, Tatami also has fitness wear and combat sports categories, separated into men, women, and kids. Tatami also ships worldwide.

5. JACO Athletics (Clothing)

>Jaco store

>Founded: 2003 by Ron Wilson

Jaco Athletics is on the pricier side but the clothing is premium and looks great. Jaco themselves say they design their clothes in a chic and hybrid training style. As the clothes are hybrid, they can be worn casually or for training.

Jaco has a great selection of hoodies, jackets, training jackets, t-shirts, tanks, and caps for men. For women, they have some crew neck t-shirts and racerback bras, and for kids, they have only t-shirts.

6. Dethrone Royalty

>Dethrone Royalty store

>Amazon store

>Founded: 2009 in California, USA, by Nick Swinmurn

Dethrone Royalty is a distributor of MMA clothing and accessories in North America and internationally.

Dethrone Royalty first became popular when they sponsored Conor McGregor early in his UFC career and he was seen wearing various Dethrone clothing. They then also sponsored Cain Valesquez and he went on to become the UFC heavyweight champion.

In 2023, Dethrone has cut back and has a much smaller selection, most of which feature simple designs. They sell t-shirts, long sleeves, sweatshirts, performance gear, hats, tanks, and a small variety of women’s t-shirts.

7. Affliction

>Affliction store

>Amazon store

>Founded: 2005 in California, USA, by Courtney Dubar and Eric Foss

Affliction was an early UFC sponsor that also sponsored many of its fighters until 2008, when they formed an MMA promotion and the UFC prohibited Affliction clothing of any kind. Still, they became hugely popular with their shirts featuring Randy Couture, GSP, and Quinton Jackson.

Even in 2023, Affliction has a huge link to MMA and they’re still offering some great clothing. Affliction clothes are known for tight-fitting, vibrant colors, wacky designs, and quality materials. And while they’ve diversified their clothing to capture a larger market, they still make what made them famous.

A lot of their clothes feature skulls, flames, eagles, crosses, and snakes, and alongside their “Live Fast” motto, Affliction clothing was and is the choice of clothing for MMA, rock, and tattoo lovers.

In 2006, Affliction also partnered with Randy Couture to found Xtreme Couture MMA clothing, which is very similar in design with explosive colors and dark themes.

8. Scramble

>Scramble store

>Founded: 2010 in Bournemouth, England, by Matthew Benyon

In terms of MMA clothing brands, Scramble sells only casual wear such as t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, shorts, and jackets.

Scramble is a great option for old vale tudo and PRIDE FC legend t-shirts like Sakuraba, Enson Inoue, and Yuki Nakai.

Scramble’s designs are more interesting and wacky than most of the other MMA clothing brands on this list, but they also stock sleek and minimalist designs too.

Scramble deliver worldwide.

9. Engage

>Engage store

>Founded: 2014 in Perth, Australia, by Ash Belcastro

Engage is an Australian MMA apparel brand delivering worldwide and focusing on quality and stylish MMA clothing.

Engage has a small selection of clothing with most of the designs fighter-focused, especially on the Australian UFC fighters whom they sponsor such as Israel Adesanya.

They also sell snapback hats, shorts, hoodies, long sleeves, and socks.

10. Fuji Sports

>Fuji store

>Amazon store
>Founded: 1969 in New York, USA, by Frank Hatashita

Fuji is another primarily gear-based company also selling an extensive clothing line. Most of the clothing is Bjj-focused and form-fitting for an athletic look and feel (not too tight). They have a section for men, women, and kids.

UFC fighter Bo Nickal is their sponsored athlete who models a lot of Fuji clothing and also fightwear.

The Bottom Line

These are the 10 best MMA clothing brands in 2023 and beyond. If you’re looking for more options, you can check out the best MMA gear brands as many of them also sell great MMA clothing but weren’t included because they’re primarily gear based.

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