Who Has the Longest Reach in UFC? (Arm, Leg, Ape Index)

UFC fighters are well known for having long arms and legs, but who has the longest reach in UFC history?

In this article, we’ll look at who has the longest reach in UFC in regards to arm reach, leg reach, and ape index measurements, and whether these translate into UFC champions.

Who Has the Longest Reach in UFC History? (Wingspan)

Here’s a table showing the 10 fighters with the longest reach in UFC history (arm span, wingspan):

1Dan Christison6’8”85”
2Stefan Struve6’11.5”84.5”
3Jon Jones6’4”84.5”
4Sergei Pavlovich6’3”84”
5Francis Ngannou6’4”83”
6Kennedy Nzechukwu6’5”83”
7Mike Rodriguez6’4”82”
8Cheick Kongo6’4”82”
9Johnny Walker6’6”82”
10Daniel Spitz6’7”82”
Longest reach in UFC

As the table shows, the longest reach in UFC history belongs to Dan Christison and is closely followed by extremely tall fighters. The two champions on the list, Jones and Ngannou, show how having a long reach is beneficial to a fighter; but there are only two champions on the whole list, which suggest it’s not that important.

Overall, having a long reach is an advantage, but if everyone you face also has a long reach, then there’s not much of an advantage. That’s where the ape index comes in.

Who Has the Highest Positive Ape Index in UFC History?

The ape index is a measurement comparing a fighter’s height to their arm span. Since the UFC is divided into weight divisions, the height of fighters in each division is often similar or not hugely different, so a highly positive ape index is an accurate way to measure reach advantage, as opposed to just reach.

Here’s a table showing UFC fighters with the highest positive ape index:

#FighterHeightReachApe Index
1Sergei Pavlovich6’3”84”+9.0”
2Jon Jones6’4”84.5”+8.5”
3Kevin Lee5’9”77”+8.0”
4Dalcha Lungiambula5’8”76”+8.0”
5Uriah Hall6”79.5”+7.5”
6Francis Ngannou6’4”83”+7.0”
7Paul Daley5’9”76”+7.0”
8Miguel Torre5’9”76”+7.0”
9Georges St-Pierre5’10”76”+6.0”
10Brock Lesnar6’3”81”+6.0”
11Alexander Volkanovski5’6”71.5”+5.5”
12Tony Ferguson5’11”76.5”+5.5”
13Tyrone Woodley5’9”74”+5.0”
14Conor McGregor5’9”74”+5.0”
Highest positive ape index in UFC

How Advantageous Is Being Tall and Having the Longest Reach in UFC?

What stands out in the above table is Jon Jones’ wingspan of 84.5”, because not only is he extremely tall but he’s also 2nd in the UFC’s history for the most positive ape index. This is one of the factors making him so dominant, and you can see how effectively he uses his height and long reach in the UFC.

Another notable mention is Francis Ngannou’s wingspan of 83”, with an ape index of +7”. Francis is another undisputed champion who uses his height and long reach to great effect, being one of the most proficient knockout artists.

Being tall and having a high positive ape index is evidently a weapon for a UFC fighter, and these two champions are proof.

However, Alexander Volkanovski is only 5’6” tall and he’s one of the most dominant UFC featherweight champions of all time; where the average height in the featherweight division is 5’9”.

This shows how a high positive ape index can be hugely beneficial and doesn’t require a fighter to be very tall as well, as Alex combines this with his low center of gravity and insane strength.

Also, Conor McGregor’s reach is 74” and his ape index is +5”, and while he isn’t the tallest fighter in the world, standing at 5’9”, he’s another champion who combined his positive ape index with great speed and athleticism.

Overall, being tall with a highly positive ape index is a great advantage, but combining a highly positive ape index with other great attributes such as speed or strength works equally as well.

Who Has the Longest Leg Reach in UFC History?

Here’s a table showing the 10 UFC fighters the with longest leg reach in UFC history:

#FighterHeightLeg Reach
1Christian Colombo6’11.5”48.5”
2Magnus Cedenblad6’3”48”
3Alexander Volkov6’7”47.5”
4Walt Harris6’5”47”
5Kennedy Nzechukwu6’5”47”
6Jack Hermansson6’46.5”
7Curtis Blaydes6’4”46”
8Aleksandar Rakic6’4”46”
9Adam Wieczorek6’5”46”
10Alexander Gustafsson6’5”46”
Longest leg reach in UFC

Fighters with the longest leg reach in UFC history are great fighters at the top level, but none of them have been undisputed UFC champions – meaning a long leg reach isn’t as advantageous as fighters having the longest reach in UFC history.

These are the fighters with the longest measured leg reach in UFC history. However, there were many extremely tall fighters with very long legs, but as the UFC only started measuring leg reach in 2015, they didn’t have their measurements recorded.

UFC fighters that may have made the list are many of the tallest UFC fighters who were competing before 2015, such as:

  • Sean McCorkle: 6’7”
  • Paul Varelans: 6’8”
  • Tim Sylvia: 6’8”
  • Dan Christison: 6’8”
  • Wes Sims: 6’10”
  • Gan McGee: 6’10”
  • Semmy Schilt: 6’10”

Note: Many believe Stefan Struve has the longest leg reach due to incorrect data, but he has a height of 6’11.5” and a leg reach of 44” as recorded by the UFC


Fighters in the UFC with the longest wingspan, leg reach, and ape indexes are all great and famous UFC fighters, suggesting that length in some way is hugely beneficial when it comes to fighting.

It’s clear how a positive ape index is the most relevant measurement for a UFC fighter, as this table has many impressive champions who aren’t always the tallest fighters. 

Having a long reach while also being tall is also a great advantage, while a long leg reach is the least important measurement when looking at advantages for a UFC fighter, as there aren’t any UFC champions on the list.

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