15 Fastest Knockouts in UFC History (2022 Updated)

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Attempting to knockout an opponent with a highlight reel strike as early as 15 seconds into a 15-minute fight requires a certain confidence and audacity. For the fighters that have tried and succeeded, they have earned their place on the list of fastest knockouts in UFC history; and deservedly so.

The recorded times of knockouts rely on the timekeeper stopping the fight at the correct time. They’re either looking for an automatic knockout (loss of consciousness), or an action by the referee to signify the end of the fight.

Because of this, some of the knockouts may have been quicker than their recorded time, as it can be hard to be right on the buzzer in terms of knowing when a fighter is unconscious, and it’s easier to know the fight has ended through actions by the referee. These actions are either touching a fighter, intervening, or waving both arms in the air.

The UFC’s records only include fights since UFC 28, because that was the first event to fight under the Unified Rules of MMA.

Fastest UFC Knockouts (In Order)

With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the fastest UFC knockouts, which can all be viewed on UFC Fight Pass.

Jorge Masvidal (W) vs Ben Askren – UFC 239 (1)

Time taken: 5 seconds | Year: 2019

Can this even be considered a fight? Not only is this the fastest UFC knockout ever but it’s also one of the most crazy UFC knockouts ever – Masvidal’s perfectly timed flying knee met Askren’s chin as he dipped down for an immediate takedown. 

Askren was sent to the shadow realm and both of their names were etched into the memories of fight fans around the world, as well as the record books. This knee can be considered one of the reasons for Masvidal’s iconic status, as a legend and as the BMF of the UFC.

Duane Ludwig (W) vs Jonathon Goulet – UFC FN:3 (2)

Time taken: 6 seconds | Year: 2006

A perfectly landed right hand to the chin of the onrushing Goulet sent him facedown into the canvas. Goulet didn’t lose consciousness, but the referee rushed over and pushed Ludwig away, signaling the fight was over.

The knockout was in 2006 and the time was originally set at 11 seconds after the timekeeper didn’t stop the clock at the correct time, but it’s clear the knockout occurs at 6 seconds. 

Duane had to lobby for the record, which was finally set by the Nevada State Athletic Commission as the fastest UFC knockout from 2012 to 2019. It was also the UFC fastest knockout in the welterweight division and is currently the second-fastest.

Todd Duffee (W) vs Tim Hague – UFC 102 (Tied 3rd)

Time taken: 7 seconds | Year: 2009

No time was wasted with a touch of gloves before a flush landed left-hand jab sent Hague to the ground. Duffee followed up with devastating ground and pound, knocking Hague unconscious on the 7-second mark with a powerful left hook to the face (automatic KO).

The knockout was in 2009, and was the fastest knockout in UFC history, until 2012 when Duane Ludwig’s knockout was officially recognized as 6 seconds. Duffee’s knockout is the UFC’s fastest in the heavyweight division and is unlikely to be beaten anytime soon.

Chan Sung Jung (Korean Zombie) (W) vs Mark Hominick – UFC 140 (Tied 3rd)

Time taken: 7 seconds | Year: 2011

Entering his second UFC fight, the Korean Zombie was the huge underdog against Hominick. This didn’t matter, as all it took was a wild miss from Mark to leave himself exposed to a perfectly timed right-hand counter to the chin by the Zombie.

Mark fell to his back and the Zombie swarmed on him with lightning-quick left and rights, with Herb Dean jumping in on 7 seconds.

This knockout remains the fastest in the UFC’s featherweight division and was also the joint-fastest knockout in UFC history before it was replaced correctly in 2012 by Ludwig’s knockout.

Ryan Jimmo (W) vs Anthony Perosh – UFC 149 (Tied 3rd)

Time taken: 7 seconds | Year: 2012

Has there ever been a better debut? Jimmo flattened Perosh to the ground with one right hook and the knockout could’ve gone down as 5 seconds as Perosh looked out, but with another huge punch, the referee intervened on 7 seconds.

This became the second-joint UFC fastest knockout and remains to this day the fastest knockout in the UFC’s light heavyweight division.

Terrance McKinney (W) vs Matt Frevola – UFC 263 (Tied 3rd)

Time taken: 7 seconds | Year: 2021

McKinney landed a rapid one-two jab combination sending Frevola to the ground, finishing him with right-hand hammerfists until Jason Herzog intervened at 7 seconds on the clock.

This became the fastest knockout in the UFC’s lightweight division and the third-joint fastest in the UFC.

James Irvin (W) vs Houston Alexander – UFC FN:13 (Tied 7th)

Time taken: 8 seconds | Year: 2008

Irvin landed a perfectly executed superman punch to knock Alexander to the canvas, finishing him off with two more right hooks until Steve Mazzagatti stopped the fight 8 seconds in.

In 2008 this was the fastest knockout in UFC history until it was bettered by Todd Duffee in 2009. This remains the second-fastest knockout in the UFC’s light-heavyweight division.

Makwan Amirkhani (W) vs Andy Ogle – UFC Fox 14 (Tied 7th)

Time taken: 8 seconds | Year: 2015

This became one of the best debuts in the UFC’s history. Makwan rushed out and stunned Ogle with a beautiful right flying knee to the body, followed by a huge uppercut and a few finishing punches against the octagon before the referee could stop the fight.

This knockout became the second-fastest in the featherweight division, behind the Korean Zombie.

Leon Edwards (W) vs Seth Baczynski – UFC FN:64 (Tied 7th)

Time taken: 8 seconds | Year: 2015

In his second fight in the UFC after losing his first, Edwards had some making up to do and wasted no time in sending Baczynski to the mat with a powerful left-hand jab, followed up by a left-hand punch that sent Seth unconscious; rendering an automatic knockout only 8 seconds in.

This became the second-fastest knockout in the welterweight division and is now the third fastest.

Don Frye (W) vs Thomas Ramirez – UFC 8 

Time taken: 8 seconds | Year: 1996

This knockout is omitted from the official UFC records as they were initially recorded from UFC 28 (2000) onwards, and it was also a quarterfinal fight of a tournament, rather than a single fight.

For this reason, the knockout doesn’t take a ranking or affect the other rankings in this list, however, it’s still a part of the UFC’s history and therefore deserves a spot.

To start the fight, Fyre immediately took a punch in order to get up close to Ramirez but overpowered him by throwing continuous overhand rights until one knocked Ramirez unconscious – crashing into the octagon.

This was the fastest UFC knockout for 13 years until Todd Duffee took the record with a 7-second Knockout in 2009.

Gray Maynard (W) vs Joe Veres – UFC FN:11 (Tied 10th)

Time taken: 9 seconds | Year: 2007

Maynard threw a well-timed left hook that sent Veres into the cage, with the next right hook knocking out Veres, signifying an automatic knockout 9 seconds in.

This became the fastest UFC knockout in the lightweight division for 14 years until it was beaten by Terrance McKinney.

Jairzinho Rozenstruick (W) vs Allen Crowder – UFC FN:154 (Tied 10th)

Time taken: 9 seconds | Year: 2019

Given how slowly Rozenstruick walked out in the first round, you wouldn’t have guessed what happened next. 

A short straight left-hand jab was all it took for Rozenstruick to demonstrate his power and send Crowder to his butt, with the next right hand putting him to sleep; signifying an automatic knockout on 9 seconds.

This knockout gave Rozenstruick the second-fastest knockout time in the heavyweight division.

Eugene Jackson vs Mark Weir (W) – UFC 38 (12)

Time taken: 10 seconds | Year: 2002

The first strike thrown was a missed axe kick, followed by a knockout right-hand punch that removed Jackson from consciousness, followed up by some unnecessary strikes before the referee could intervene. The timer stopped at 10 seconds as Jackson hit the canvas (10 seconds).

This was recorded as the official fastest UFC knockout (since 2002) until Maynard took the record in 2007, but still remains the fastest knockout in the UFC’s middleweight division.

BJ Penn (W) vs Caol Uno – UFC 34 (13)

Time taken: 11 seconds | Year: 2001

After a terribly missed flying knee attempt by Uno, Penn wastes no time and throws a 2-jab combination down the middle, followed by a stiff right-handed uppercut to Uno’s chin, finished with 4 explosive punches to the face.

This knockout was recorded as 11 seconds, but after watching it a few times it’s clear the automatic knockout occurs at 9 seconds; as Uno is already unconscious before the referee manages to intervene.

This was the fastest UFC knockout for 1 year and remains the second-fastest knockout in the lightweight division.

Walt Harris (W) vs Aleksei Oleinik – UFC ESPN: 4 (14)

Time taken: 12 seconds | Year: 2019

Harris executed a powerful jump knee followed by an overhand left to the temple of Russian UFC fighter Oleinik, who was unconscious on his way to the canvas. The knockout could be 11 seconds but was recorded as 12 as the referee intervened a second later after one more punch got through.

With this, Harris secured the third-fastest knockout in the heavyweight division.

The Final Mark

Despite there being no rules on when exactly a timekeeper has to stop the clock, the majority of the fastest knockouts in UFC history have accurate times. If a fighter feels their time isn’t accurate, they can lobby for their record to be represented properly; as was done by Duane Ludwig.

With the UFC becoming more competitive and technical with every passing year, fast knockouts will be harder to come by and this list may only change slightly with each year.

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