3 Best Muay Thai Heavy Bags 2023 (Tested and Reviewed)

Are you wondering what the best Muay Thai heavy bags are?

In this article, we’ll dive into the 3 absolute best Muay Thai heavy bags on the market in 2023 and beyond, explaining what makes them better than other Muay Thai heavy bags and looking at any cons.

Best Muay Thai Heavy Bags

While there are many Muay Thai heavy bags on the market, we’ve done the research and present here the 3 best Mauy Thai heavy bags to save you the trouble of reading through dozens of product descriptions and reviews.

The following heavy bags are ranked starting with the best.

1. Best Muay Thai Heavy Bag Overall (Used by UFC Fighters)

Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag

Muay Thai Heavy Bag (130 pounds) Filled
  • Made in the USA|Ships FILLED 130 pounds|Does not require…
  • Note: The item does not come with a D-ring

>Dimensions: 14-inch (W) x 72-inch (H) (Muay Thai banana bag)

>Unrivaled durability – guaranteed by a 10-year warranty

>Fabric filled to retain its shape and firmness and prevent any sagging toward the bottom

>Sturdy D rings and heavy-duty stitching which is reinforced by a quadruple backstitch

The Outslayer Heavy Bag is by far the best Muay Thai heavy bag on the market at every weight: 100 lbs, 130 lbs, and 150 lbs. It’s a one-and-done purchase as you won’t need to buy another Muay Thai Heavy Bag for many years.

Outslayer heavy bags have exceptional quality control as they’re handmade in California, USA, rather than being cheap imports like many others out there.

The Outslayer Heavy Bag is the most durable Muay Thai heavy bag on the market. This is supported by their 10-year warranty, guaranteeing free repairs and replacements if the bag is damaged or becomes unusable.

It’s created with top-quality heavy-duty vinyl (the exact kind is undisclosed) and 4 heavy-duty anti-rip straps, removing the need for noisy chains. It also comes with chrome plated steel D rings which are ultra durable for hanging.

The vinyl is sleek, supple, and flexible to ensure no cuts or abrasions occur when striking.

Also, the bag’s stitching is reinforced by a quadruple backstitch, ensuring the vinyl doesn’t rip, ever. In fact, Outslayer Heavy Bags are sewn by professionals with at least 15 years of experience.

Outslayer Heavy Bags also last longer because its fabric filling is less abrasive than sand to the inner lining, meaning it experiences less wear and tear.

Another thing separating the Outslayer Heavy Bag from others on the market is how it retains its shape and firmness (zero hollow spots) and the weight doesn’t sag to the bottom, even after years of heavy use.

This is due to its fabric filling rather than sand and means low kicks can be trained without the bottom of the bag becoming overly dense over time, as it does with less-premium Muay Thai heavy bags.

Its even weight distribution ensures every strike is met with perfect and consistent resistance, making it gentle on the joints while still offering a firm, realistic, and responsive feel.

The bag is designed to suit both beginners and advanced users. Beginners can practice without fear of injury while professional fighters can train intensely until they’re completely exhausted.

You’ll also appreciate how easy this bag is to hang, as it comes with a carabiner ready to attach to a stand or ceiling mount. There’s also the option to add a bottom D-ring if you’d prefer to secure it to the ground for more stability.

Lastly, Outslayer Heavy Bags are aesthetically pleasing and have 12 different color combinations to choose from.

Due to its durability in staying like new for several years, Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bags work out to be one of the cheaper bags at a per-year cost. With its quality, it’s surprising it’s not worth more.

It’s not worth saving $40 to buy a lesser product because Outslayer becomes cheaper after a couple of years.

To top it off, Outslayer Heavy Bags come with a heavy-duty reusable vinyl cover. This is perfect for keeping the bag fresh in storage, helping it retain value, and transporting the bag if you decide to sell it down the line.

Overall, the Outslayer Heavy Bag is the best Muay Thai heavy bag money can buy and it offers great value for money.

It’s the perfect addition to a gym/studio or an at-home gym setup and is supported by its 4.9 stars overall from 546 reviews on Amazon, 93% of which are 5-star.

2. Best Muay Thai Heavy Bag Used in Muay Thai Gyms

Fairtex HB6 Heavy Bag Banana

Fairtex HB6 6 Ft. Banana Bag Punching Bag for Muay Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA (HB6 Black Filled) – 13″ W x 19″ H
  • Durable and versatile: Made with high-quality synthetic leather…
  • Unique shape: Allows for a wide range of striking techniques,…
  • Sturdy hanging straps and swivel: Easy to install and use

>Dimensions: 14-inch (W) x 72-inch (H) (Muay Thai banana bag)

>Heavy-duty, waterproof, and tearproof nylon lining for excellent durability

>Handmade in Thailand by a premium and trusted MMA/Muay Thai brand

>Reinforced nylon straps with strong stitching and rivets at key areas for increased durability and stability

>Bargain if bought unfilled ($130)

The Fairtex Banana Bag is one of the best Muay Thai heavy bags around, manufactured and handmade in Thailand by one of the most trusted and reputable brands in both the MMA and Muay Thai industry.

The bag is made with Syntek leather, known for its resilience against wear and tear and ease of cleaning. Also, Syntek leather provides a consistent quality and feel, ensuring each strike feels the same. 

In contrast, real leather can vary in thickness and texture due to its natural origins. 

Syntek leather is also more water resistant, meaning it won’t absorb sweat or moisture which can help maintain the bag’s weight and prevent mold growth.

It’s also better than vinyl bags in terms of providing a softer, more pleasant, and realistic feel when striking it – completely avoiding burns and making it safer for kids.

Compared to the 13” width of some bags, the 14” diameter of the Fairtex bag offers an increased surface area. This is better for those perfecting a variety of kicks and for taller individuals with a longer reach.

It also has less swing when struck powerfully or with rapid combinations, and can offer slightly more resistance for building power in techniques.

Between the leather and filling is a heavy-duty, waterproof, and tearproof nylon lining. This increases durability and ensures the filling is protected and doesn’t shift and create hollow/hard spots with repeated use.

Its waterproof lining makes the Fairtex HB6 Heavy Bag the best product for outside use.

The Fairtex HB6 Banana Bag also has reinforced nylon straps with strong stitching and rivets at key areas for brilliant stability.

It’s unknown exactly what Fairtex fills the HB6 bag with as they don’t want their competitors to know, but it’s mostly their recommended materials like shredded fabric or foam that contribute to its even consistency.

It has a flawless design and comes in 8 different vibrant colors to match different gym environments or personal preferences.

It becomes the Best Muay Thai heavy bag on the market in terms of value for money if you buy it unfilled at a bargain price of $130. 

However, it can be a nuisance to fill and closer to $250 when filled, depending on what you use. Most people fill it with rubber mulch or old clothes to save money.

Overall, the Fairtex HB6 is one of the best Muay Thai heavy bags on the market, supported by its 4.7 overall rating on Amazon from 370 reviews, 85% of which are 5-star.

3. Best Muay Thai Heavy Bag on a Budget

Ringside 100-pound Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag

Ringside 100-pound Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag, Black, 13-inch x 72-inch
  • Measures: 13-inch x 72-inch | Punching bag is filled to 100…
  • This solid bag made of resilient powerhide construction will hold…
  • This long full length heavy bag is top quality and highly rated…

>Dimensions: 13-inch x 72-inch (Muay Thai banana bag)

>It’s a softer bag, perfect for shin conditioning, kids, and training all MMA/Muay Thai techniques (strikes and sweeps)

>Exceptional value for money (plus free delivery with Amazon Prime)

>Made from durable powerhide and lined with ½ inch of dense EVA foam padding for durability and consistent feedback

The Ringside 100 lb Muay Thai Heavy Bag is by far the best value-for-money heavy bag on the market at just $200 (filled). 

Not only this, but it’s also an Amazon Prime product which means you’ll get free delivery and save expensive shipping/delivery, usually around $50 for items this heavy (location dependent).

The outside of the Ringside heavy bag is made of powerhide, a synthetic material designed to mimic the durability and feel of leather while keeping costs down for consumers.

It’s a high-quality and strong material for a heavy bag as it combines the strength of multiple layers to create a tough outer surface.

Unlike genuine leather, powerhide is also much easier to maintain and offers a consistent feel across the entire surface. A simple wipe-down with a damp cloth is enough to keep it clean.

This bag’s durability is backed up by how it’s commonly used in gyms all around the world.

The bag’s density is on the softer side and is therefore perfect for kids, beginners, shin conditioning, cardio, and practicing kicks, elbows, and knees for Muay Thai and MMA.

It’s also effective for practicing sweeps due to its length and lighter weight, as well as conditioning the hands/wrists as it can be punched without wraps.

This is especially useful for MMA practitioners who use lighter 4 oz gloves and those looking to get a quick workout in without wrapping their hands.

Professionals and more advanced martial artists will find this heavy bag useful for focusing on footwork, speed, different combinations, and cardiovascular endurance.

While Ringside hasn’t revealed exactly what they fill it with, it’s mostly shredded clothing and other fabrics along with some sandbags to get the weight up.

The inside of the bag is lined with ½ inch of dense EVA foam padding to help cushion strikes and protect the filling.

The bag comes with heavy-duty chains, a swivel, and a carabiner link ready for hanging to a stand or ceiling mount.

Unlike the other two bags on this list, the Ringside heavy bag hangs by metal chains. This is better for those seeking the authentic sound of metal clashing when they train.

The most common issue with the Ringside heavy bag is how the stuffing can settle lower over time to create a denser bottom third.

For some, this is good because they want to increase their shin conditioning with low kicks. For others, they can add stuffing to the top of the bag or take it down and loosen up the filling by beating it.

Alternatively, adding a hundred kicks to the bottom third of the bag every workout can loosen up the bottom and keep the weight distributed evenly.

Overall, the Ringside 100 lb Muay Thai heavy bag is an exceptional value for money purchase – you can’t beat its quality for this price.

This is supported by its 4.7 overall rating on Amazon from 770 reviews – 84% of which are 5 stars.

The Bottom Line and Other Options

The Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag, Fairtex HB6 Heavy Banana Bag, and the Ringside 100-pound Muay Thai Heavy Bag are the 3 best Muay Thai heavy bags on the market in 2023 and beyond.

The Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag is the clear standout performer while the other 2 are also great options.

There are other good options but they don’t match the quality, consistency, durability, and overall package the above three offer – especially in their respective price ranges.

If you’re looking for more options for comparison, the following two are the next best Muay Thai heavy bags on the market.

Combat Sports 100-pound Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag
  • This long full length heavy bag is top quality and highly rated…
  • Solid bag made of durable synthetic leather construction is easy…
  • Punching bag is filled to 100 pounds and measures 13-inch x…
Meister 110lb Filled Muay Thai Heavy Bag – 6ft Professional Kicking & Punching Bag – Black
  • Professional gym-quality bag filled with 100% packed textiles for…
  • Full 72in length x 13in diameter “Banana Bag” design is ideal for…
  • Thick military-grade textured vinyl construction provides the…

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