25 Best Kickboxers in UFC History (2024)

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Alongside Muay Thai, kickboxing has been the most effective martial art for striking in MMA.

In this article, we list the 25 best kickboxers in UFC history, many of whom used their kickboxing skills to win titles and dominate in their division.

Best UFC Kickboxers of All Time

Determining the best UFC kickboxer can be subjective, but this list prioritizes those who have successfully translated their kickboxing prowess into winning MMA/UFC titles or consistently performing at an elite level.

Therefore, a UFC fighter with an impressive kickboxing career but without a UFC title or a top 5 ranking in the UFC will be ranked lower compared to those who have.

Nonetheless, the list also recognizes exceptional kickboxers whose UFC or MMA careers didn’t mirror their kickboxing success.

1. Alex Pereira – ‘Poatan’

Alex Pereira is the most decorated and talented kickboxer in UFC history. He backed up his kickboxing credentials by becoming 1 of 9 UFC fighters to become champion in 2 weight classes.

He also became the first UFC fighter to become champion in the middleweight and light heavyweight divisions, a feat he achieved in only 2 years and 5 days after joining the promotion.

He achieved this without any wrestling or jiu-jitsu background, only learning these martial arts as he started MMA in 2021. This is evident in his fighting, where he’s a pure kickboxing maestro with some decent takedown defense.

Before destroying the UFC with his kickboxing skills, Alex Pereira was the first and only (still is) Glory kickboxer to become the middleweight and lightweight champion simultaneously.

His professional kickboxing record stands at 33-7, with 21 wins by knockout. 

His best weapons are his vicious lead left hook from his orthodox stance, and his calf kick as it has zero telegraph. On top of this, he has elite footwork, timing, and distance management – 3 hallmarks of an elite kickboxer.

2. Israel Adesanya – ‘Stylebender’

Israel Adesanya stands as the epitome of technical kickboxing in MMA. He started kickboxing at 18, achieving a perfect 32-0 amateur record and an equally impressive professional kickboxing career with 75 wins and only 5 losses.

His best kickboxing achievement was challenging for the Glory middleweight title, before joining the UFC in 2017 as the AFC champion (MMA). 

He then secured the UFC middleweight championship in less than 2 years and has gone on to defend it 5 times. He also became the first two-time UFC middleweight champion, after he knocked out Alex Pereira to retain it.

Standing at 193 cm with an 80” reach, Adesanya’s striking arsenal is characterized by impeccable timing, speed, precision, creativity, and counterpunching. 

His ability to control the range makes it challenging for opponents to close in, and most are frozen by his skill and unable to execute many successful attacks.

3. Mirko Filipovic – ‘Cro Cop’

Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipovic is a name synonymous with devastating and technical striking in heavyweight MMA and kickboxing. 

His career, spanning major organizations like UFC, RIZIN, Bellator, and PRIDE, is highlighted by dozens of knockouts and aggressive kickboxing talent.

Cro Cop’s kickboxing prowess was evident from his early days in K-1, starting with an impressive amateur record of 48-0. 

As a professional, he achieved a 26-8 record (13 KOs), winning the K-1 World Grand Prix (2012), reaching the K-1 finals in 1999 and 2000, and becoming the I.K.B.F. World Heavyweight Full Contact Champion.

After transitioning to MMA in 2001, Cro Cop achieved the 2006 Pride Open-Weight Grand Prix Championship and the 2016 Rizin Openweight Grand Prix Championship. 

He’s one of the few fighters to have won titles in both MMA and kickboxing. With an MMA record of 38 wins with 30 knockouts, Cro Cop’s legacy as a fearsome kickboxer is solidified.

His signature move, the left high kick, famously described as “right leg, hospital; left leg, cemetery”, perfectly describes how powerful and accurate his roundhouse kicks were.

4. Anderson Silva – ‘Spider’

Anderson Silva is a legendary figure in MMA, renowned for his extraordinary reign as the UFC middleweight champion. 

His record-setting title reign of 2,457 days and an unprecedented 16-fight win streak in the UFC set him apart as one of the greatest fighters in the sport’s history.

Silva’s fighting style was a mesmerizing blend of kickboxing and Muay Thai, making him one of the most creative and unpredictable strikers in MMA.

Standing at 6’1.5” with a 77.5” reach, his ability to control range, coupled with his exceptional head and foot movement, made him a formidable opponent. 

Silva’s striking accuracy and timing, along with his versatility in delivering strikes, contributed to his reputation as a deadly knockout artist.

His counter-striking technique, marked by speed and unpredictability, often left opponents struggling to land significant blows.

Silva’s first loss in the UFC came at the age of 38, underscoring his dominance during his prime. 

His MMA record stands at 34-11 (1 NC), with numerous records to his name, including:

  • the most title fight finishes (9)
  • the longest UFC win streak (16)
  • the second-most UFC title defenses (10)

5. Jose Aldo – ‘Junior’

Jose Aldo is one of the greatest featherweights in MMA and UFC history, with a remarkable career spanning over 18 years.

He was the WEC featherweight champion and the first UFC featherweight champion, holding the title with the most consecutive defenses in the division (7). 

His 18-fight win streak, including seven in the UFC, is a testament to his dominance in the featherweight class. Much is his success was due to his explosive kickboxing, particularly his devastating leg kicks.

Aldo’s technical striking is complemented by his black belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Luta Livre, which have contributed to his elite takedown defense. 

This skill set allows him to focus predominantly on kickboxing, rarely engaging in ground exchanges. His speed, power, and accuracy, stand out as his most formidable weapon.

His record boasts significant wins against top fighters like Frankie Edgar (twice), the Korean Zombie, and Urijah Faber.

Standing at 5’7” with a 70” reach, Aldo has left an indelible mark in the UFC and WEC, holding records for the most wins and knockouts in featherweight history. He entered into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2023.

6. Alexander Volkanovski – ‘The Great’

Alexander Volkanovski, the standout Australian fighter in the UFC, is the greatest UFC featherweight of all time. He has defended his UFC featherweight belt 5 times, and he was also the former AFC featherweight champion.

His unique physical attributes and fighting style have set him apart in the division. Volkanovski’s stocky build makes him a formidable opponent in the clinch and nearly impervious to takedowns – allowing him to keep the bout as a kickboxing match.

Despite being shorter than many of his featherweight counterparts at 5’6”, his reach of 71.5” – 5.5 inches longer than his height – gives him an exceptional advantage in distance management and striking power.

His fighting style is a blend of simplicity and effectiveness, backed by a high fight IQ. Volkanovski excels in reading fights and dictating the pace, leveraging his strength and reach to dominate opponents.

Notably, he has triumphed over some of the best in the division, including Max Holloway (three times), the Korean Zombie, Jose Aldo, and Brian Ortega. He even came close to defeating the dominant lightweight champion, Islam Makhachev, in their first fight.

7. Leon Edwards – ‘Rocky’

Leon Edwards has carved out a name for himself as one of the most skilled welterweights in UFC history due to his kickboxing brilliance. He’s the current UFC welterweight champion with 2 successful title defenses.

Born in Jamaica and raised in Birmingham, England, Edwards turned to MMA at 17 to escape a troubled youth. His journey in MMA quickly progressed, leading him to become the BAMMA welterweight champion before joining the UFC in 2014.

Standing at 6’2” with a 74” reach and fighting in a southpaw stance, Edwards’ technical prowess in striking is complemented by elite focus and composure, allowing him to patiently pick his shots and excel in counter-striking. 

This approach, while sometimes leading to decision victories, showcases his excellent fight intelligence and ability to stay a step ahead of his opponents via kickboxing.

Notable for his 8-second knockout, the second fastest in UFC welterweight history, Edwards combines calculated patience with explosive power.

8. Alistair Overeem – ‘The Demolition Man’

Alistair Overeem, known as ‘The Demolition Man’ or ‘The Reem’, is a towering figure in the world of MMA and kickboxing.

Standing at 6’4” with an 80” reach, the Dutch fighter has made a significant impact in various combat sports organizations, including UFC, Pride, Strikeforce, and K-1.

Overeem held the unique record of simultaneously possessing 3 championship belts (Strikeforce, K1, and Dream), making him the first fighter to hold world titles in both kickboxing and MMA simultaneously.

Overeem’s career, which began in 1999, is marked by his vast experience and nearly 70 professional MMA fights. His kickboxing and Muay Thai skills reflect technique, accuracy, formidable power, and speed.

Overeem’s fighting style is characterized by efficient energy use in his movements and techniques. 

His most famous finishing move was the left knee to the midsection, which he later adapted to a devastating left-body kick. 

His proficiency with left overhands and hooks made him a formidable opponent, especially when his opponents were worn down. 

Overeem’s finishing prowess is remarkable, with 42 of his 47 wins coming by finishes (25 knockouts and 17 submissions).

9. Valentina Shevchenko – ‘Bullet’

Valentina Shevchenko is the best UFC flyweight of all time. Her impressive record in MMA is marked by her reign as the UFC flyweight champion since 2018, during which she has notched up seven successful title defenses.

Shevchenko’s journey in kickboxing and Muay Thai began at the young age of 16, leading to a highly successful career in these disciplines. 

Between 2003 and 2015, she amassed over 90 wins, capturing multiple world titles and amassing a 57-2 professional kickboxing record.

Her accolades include being an eight-time I.F.M.A world champion, the I.F.M.A Royal World Cup winner in 2015, and holding World K-1 championships in Peru and Mexico in 2013, as well as the World Champ KF-1 MMA pro titles in 2003 and 2005.

In the Octagon, Shevchenko combines kickboxing and Muay Thai techniques in a southpaw stance, making her a versatile and formidable striker. 

Known for her efficiency, Shevchenko executes every move with precision, highlighted by her signature spinning back kick, known for its speed, timing, and accuracy.

10. Joanna Jędrzejczyk – ‘Boogeywoman’

Joanna Jędrzejczyk is the most accomplished Polish fighter in UFC history. Standing at 5’6” with a 65” reach, Jędrzejczyk is renowned for her tenure as the UFC strawweight champion, a title she defended five times, setting a record in the division.

Before her ascent in the UFC, Jędrzejczyk was a formidable force in Muay Thai and kickboxing, winning five world titles, and many European titles, and amassing a record of 27 wins with just 3 losses.

Her transition to MMA saw her continue this dominance, capturing the UFC strawweight championship in 2015 from Carla Esparza and defending it consecutively against top contenders.

Jędrzejczyk’s fighting style is a blend of precision and calculated striking, utilizing a mix of high punches, body shots, knees, elbows, and high front kicks. Her striking accuracy, speed, and technique, particularly her jab, are exemplary.

Jędrzejczyk’s endurance, high output of strikes, and ability to absorb damage made her a formidable kickboxer in the Octagon.

11. Lyoto Machida – ‘The Dragon’

Lyoto Machida is renowned for his unique fighting style and respectful demeanor in the Octagon, often bowing to his opponents after knocking them out. 

Over his 19-year career, which included 11 years in the UFC, Machida became known for his effective integration of Shotokan karate and kickboxing into MMA. 

Machida managed 1 title defense as the UFC light heavyweight champion and he also challenged for the UFC middleweight title.

His ability to blend karate with other fighting disciplines contributed to a remarkable 16-fight MMA win streak, including notable victories over Dan Henderson, Ryan Bader, Randy Couture, Rashad Evans, Tito Ortiz, and Vitor Belfort.

Standing at 6’1” with a 74” reach, one of Machida’s most significant strengths was his kicking ability, characterized by versatility and effective feints. Many of his knockouts stemmed from well-executed kicks, often setting up punches.

12. Jiří Procházka – ‘BJP’

Hailing from the Czech Republic, Procházka’s entrance into the UFC was highly anticipated following his success as the Rizin light heavyweight champion.

Procházka’s approach to combat is heavily influenced by his background in Muay Thai, a discipline in which he excelled early in his career, winning the Czech Muay Thai Association Championship in 2011.

In addition to Muay Thai, Procházka also trained in kickboxing from an early age, further honing his striking abilities which are characterized by aggressiveness and unpredictability. 

Standing at 6’4″ with a reach of 80 inches, Jiri employs a kickboxing-focused approach in the UFC, blending techniques from various martial arts disciplines, especially elbows.

His ability to deliver powerful strikes, both in stand-up exchanges and on the ground, has earned him a reputation as a formidable knockout artist.

13. Sean O’Malley – ‘Suga’

Sean O’Malley, the current UFC bantamweight champion, is known for his flashy striking and unorthodox kickboxing techniques. 

At 5’11” with a 72” reach, Sean O’Malley leverages his long reach and quick footwork, making him a standout kickboxer in the UFC.

O’Malley’s professional record of 17 wins and only 1 loss, with 12 of those victories coming by way of knockout, speaks to his effectiveness as a kickboxer. 

His approach to fighting is characterized by unpredictability and exceptional striking skills. Opponents fight it hard to read his strikes because of his feinting, speed, and timing.

He utilizes his reach advantage to maintain distance from opponents, allowing him to execute his striking techniques effectively and keep away from wrestlers.

Although early in his career, his ability to combine kickboxing skills with his natural athleticism makes him a formidable opponent in the bantamweight division. No one can deny his kickboxing talent.

14. Zhang Weili – ‘Magnum’

Zhang Weili became China’s first UFC champion when she knocked out Jessica Andrade to claim the strawweight belt – just her fourth fight in the promotion.

Zhang’s first title defense against Joanna Jedrzejczyk at UFC 248 was widely celebrated as the best UFC fight of 2020, showcasing her entertaining fighting style and excellent kickboxing skills against one of the all-time greats.

Standing at 5’4” with a 63” reach, Zhang’s physical strength and boxing speed set her apart in the strawweight division.

She’s often more muscular and thicker than her opponents, which translates into powerful striking and impressive takedown defense. 

With 11 out of her 24 wins coming by knockout, Zhang’s striking prowess is notable, especially in a division where knockouts are less common.

Her victories over top fighters like Jessica Andrade, Tecia Torres, Carla Esparza, Amanda Lemos, and Joanna Jedrzejczyk twice, underscore her status as a top kickboxer in the division.

15. Semmy Schilt – ‘Hightower’

Semmy Schilt is a Dutch fighter renowned for his achievements in both MMA and kickboxing. Standing at an imposing 6’10”, Schilt’s career in combat sports is marked by his exceptional height and reach, which he has used to his advantage in both disciplines.

Schilt began his martial arts journey in judo and later transitioned to kickboxing, where he achieved significant success. 

He’s a four-time K-1 World Grand Prix Champion, Glory Heavyweight Grand Slam Champion, Glory Heavyweight Champion, and K-1 Super Heavyweight Champion.

In MMA, he was the Openweight King of Pancrase and competed in the UFC and PRIDE. 

His fighting style is characterized by powerful knees, which he could deliver like a roundhouse to an opponent’s head, thanks to his flexibility and height. 

Schilt also utilized snap kicks to the stomach and solar plexus, and his jabs were both powerful and accurate, leading to many knockouts. 

Despite his size, Schilt possessed the cardiovascular endurance, footwork, and movement of a much lighter fighter, along with a high fight IQ and excellent shot selection.

Schilt’s lethal combination of a lead leg snap kick followed by a lead jab, and his powerful roundhouse kicks that could rock opponents through their guard, made him a formidable opponent in the ring.

Although his UFC career was brief, Schilt’s skills, credentials, and experience earned him a place as one of the best kickboxers in UFC history.

16. Stephen Thompson – ‘Wonderboy’

Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson, a standout fighter in the UFC’s welterweight division, is renowned for his exceptional kickboxing and karate skills. 

Thompson entered the UFC with a remarkable record of 58-0 as a kickboxer, showcasing his prowess in the striking arts.

Thompson’s fighting style is heavily influenced by his high-level black belt in Karate, which is evident every time he steps into the Octagon. 

He adopts a traditional karate stance, characterized by a wide base and feet positioned far apart, allowing for quick movement and in-and-out striking. 

This unique stance, combined with his kickboxing background, makes him a distinctive and formidable striker in the division who’s hard to hit and pin down.

At 6’0” with a 75” reach, Thompson’s physical attributes complement his fighting style. His ability to maintain distance and execute precise strikes has earned him a reputation as a skilled and tactical fighter. 

His karate-based approach, marked by speed and agility, sets him apart from other welterweights and has contributed to his success in the UFC.

17. Rafael Fiziev – ‘Ataman’

Rafael Fizie has quickly established himself as a formidable contender in the UFC’s lightweight division since joining in 2019.

With a background primarily in Muay Thai and kickboxing, Fiziev has adapted his skills effectively to MMA, showcasing his striking prowess in the Octagon.

Standing at 5’8” with a 71” reach and a switch stance, Fiziev’s fighting style is marked by explosiveness and superior athleticism. 

He doesn’t often shoot for takedowns, instead choosing to press opponents and stay inside the pocket to negate their range. 

In this position, he remains composed and patient, often stifling opponents with well-disguised feints and an off-beat rhythm. 

His boxing combinations are well-timed and super-fast, complemented by lightning-quick body kicks and power.

Fiziev’s ability to evade strikes is also notable, often seen leaning far back to avoid high kicks. His kickboxing record of 39-8, with 29 knockouts, underscores his striking ability.

18. Gegard Mousasi – ‘Dreamcatcher’

Gegard Mousasi is a seasoned veteran in the world of MMA, competing in 60 MMA fights across various top promotions by the age of 37. 

His accomplishments include being a former two-time Bellator middleweight champion, DREAM light heavyweight champion, DREAM middleweight champion, Cage Warriors Middleweight champion, and Strikeforce light heavyweight champion – a 6 time MMA champion.

Mousasi compiled a 12-1 amateur boxing record and an 8-0 pro kickboxing record before transitioning to MMA. 

His fighting style is characterized by a composed and focused demeanor, allowing him to pick shots and dictate the pace and range of a fight effectively. 

He works behind a very accurate and powerful jab and is known for being a patient and technical kickboxer.

Mousasi’s fearless and entertaining fighting style, always looking to finish fights, has led to 28 knockouts and 12 submissions in his 49 career wins. 

During his tenure in the UFC, where he compiled a 9-3 record, Mousasi defeated notable fighters like Thales Leites, Thiago Santos, Vitor Belfort, Uriah Hall, Dan Henderson, and Chris Weidman.

19. Yair Rodriguez – ‘El Pantera’

Yair Rodríguez is a dynamic and skilled fighter in the UFC’s featherweight division and managed to become the interim champion.

Rodríguez’s fighting style is heavily influenced by his background in taekwondo, in which he holds a black belt. This background has contributed to his reputation as a fighter with exceptional kicking abilities and creative striking techniques. 

His approach to combat is marked by agility, speed, and the ability to execute unorthodox strikes, making him a challenging opponent for anyone in the featherweight division.

His fights are often characterized by high-paced action and a diverse array of striking techniques, including spinning kicks and flying knees, which have captivated MMA fans.

Standing at 5’11” with a 71″ reach, his ability to utilize his reach and height advantage, along with his striking versatility, has earned him a place among the best kickboxers in UFC history.

20. Edson Barboza – ‘Junior’

Edson Barboza is a Brazilian MMA fighter, former Muay Thai kickboxer, and UFC veteran who has competed in the promotion for over 14 years since 2010.

Known for his striking prowess, Barboza has established himself as a formidable kickboxer in the UFC. Prior to MMA, Barboza amassed a 25-3 pro kickboxing record, with 22 of those wins by knockout.

Barboza’s fighting style is characterized by his exceptional kicking ability, particularly his spinning kicks, which have become a signature aspect of his fighting repertoire, but also his calf kicks and head kicks.

His natural striking ability is evident in his lightning-fast, explosive, and technically proficient attacks. These qualities make him a dynamic and exciting striker in the lightweight division.

His martial arts journey began with a focus on Muay Thai, where he honed his skills in delivering devastating kicks.

Standing at 5’11” with a 75″ reach, Barboza’s physical attributes complement his fighting style. His agility and speed, combined with his technical striking skills, make him a challenging opponent for anyone in his division. 

21. Giga Chikadze – ‘Ninja’

Giga Chikadze is a Georgian professional mixed martial artist and former kickboxer, known for his dynamic and powerful striking in the UFC’s featherweight division. 

Chikadze’s martial arts journey began with Goju-Ryu karate at the age of 4, where he achieved a third-dan black belt. He later transitioned to kickboxing, compiling a professional record of 38-10 with 22 knockouts, and a 6-3 record in Glory Kickboxing. 

In the UFC, Chikadze’s fighting style is characterized by elite kickboxing, featuring lightning-fast and powerful kicks with zero telegraphing. 

His signature move, the ‘Giga Kick’ – a left roundhouse to the liver from the southpaw stance – has become a feared weapon in his arsenal. 

Chikadze’s diverse kicking attacks include spinning side kicks, calf kicks, front kicks, axe kicks, oblique kicks, and roundhouse kicks. 

He complements these with extremely fast straight punches and jabs, often used to set up his kicks. 

His unconventional rhythm, constant movement, stance switching, and exceptional speed make him a challenging opponent in the featherweight division.

Training under elite striking coach Rafael Cordeiro at Kings MMA, Chikadze continues to evolve as a fighter and will soon be challenging for the featherweight title.

22. Ciryl Gane – ‘Bon Gamin’

Ciryl Gane is a French UFC heavyweight known for his exceptional skills in Muay Thai and kickboxing. Gane’s martial arts journey began with Muay Thai, which is evident in his skillful stand-up game. 

He made his MMA debut in 2018 and has since established himself as an elite fighter in the heavyweight division. Gane holds a professional Muay Thai record of 14-0 (9 KO/TKO), showcasing his striking talent and dominance in the sport.

In the UFC, Gane’s fighting style is characterized by his agility and footwork, similar to that of a middleweight. 

Standing at 6’4” with an 81” reach, Gane’s an expert counterpuncher with excellent timing and accuracy, known for breaking down his opponents over time with fluid movement and speed.

Gane’s fight IQ is one of his best attributes, allowing him to adapt his striking strategy based on his opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. 

His diverse kicking attacks and targets, combined with fast straight punches and jabs, make him a versatile and dangerous kickboxer.

23. Guram Kutateladze – ‘Georgian Viking’

Guram Kutateladze is a skilled kickboxer in the UFC’s lightweight division. Kutateladze began his martial arts journey at the age of 4, training in Irigumi-Go and becoming a 9-time champion in Russia and a 3-time CIS champion.

Kutateladze’s fighting style is heavily influenced by his background in Muay Thai and kickboxing, which is evident in his technical striking and great balance. 

He never overextends on his lead leg, allowing him to maintain a strong defensive posture while delivering powerful strikes. 

His proficiency in knees and his effective use of front kicks and lead left roundhouse kicks, especially to the body, make him a versatile striker.

His great striking defense is characterized by non-stop head movement and the ability to roll punches effectively.

Kutateladze’s creative striking, featuring a variety of weapons and placements, is often disguised with feints and movements. 

He’s known for throwing jumping knees, question mark kicks, spinning hook kicks, and spinning elbows with electric speed and great timing. His favorite combination is a sharp 1-2 down the pipe followed by a right calf kick.

Training at Allstars Training Academy in Stockholm, Sweden, alongside fighters like Khamzat Chimaev and Alexander Gustafsson, Kutateladze has honed his skills to become one of the best kickboxers in the UFC.

24. Maurício Rua – ‘Shogun’

Maurício ‘Shogun’ Rua, a former UFC light heavyweight champion and Pride Grand Prix middleweight champion, is a veteran of MMA with a career spanning over 20 years.

Rua is a highly skilled Muay Thai practitioner and kickboxer. His fighting style is characterized by his special killer instincts and powerful strikes. He’s still tied for most knockdowns landed in the UFC Light Heavyweight division with 14.

Once he has an opponent hurt, he aggressively pursues them, often finishing them with lightning-quick ground-and-pound. This approach has contributed to his 21 knockouts in 27 career wins.

Throughout his career, Rua has faced and defeated some of the best fighters, including Alistair Overeem, Rogerio Nogueira, Chuck Liddell, Lyoto Machida, and Rampage Jackson. 

His ability to finish fights with stomps and soccer kicks was more pronounced in Pride, where these techniques were allowed, compared to the UFC.

25. T.J. Dillashaw

TJ Dillashaw is a former two-time UFC bantamweight champion who stands out for his exceptional blend of Muay Thai and kickboxing, augmented by his innovative approach to striking. 

His fighting style is a testament to technical mastery and strategic prowess. Dillashaw’s footwork is nimble and creative, allowing him to cut angles effectively, which enhances the unpredictability and creativity of his strikes. 

This agility enables him to launch high-volume kickboxing combinations, often finished by a well-placed kick, keeping his opponents constantly off-balance and guessing.

A key aspect of Dillashaw’s technique is his focus on consistent, light touches rather than loading up on power. 

This approach allows him to break down his opponents over time, maintaining a high pace and volume without sacrificing precision. His boxing is marked by fantastic accuracy, seamlessly integrating with his kickboxing to produce fluid and speedy combinations.

His ability to adapt and read his opponents mid-fight, combined with his strategic striking and grappling, makes him a formidable competitor in the bantamweight division.

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