11 Hottest ONE Championship Ring Girls of All Time (Stunners)

Are you wondering who the hottest One Championship Ring Girls of all time are?

In this article, we’ll look at the 11 hottest One Championship ring girls and some information about each of them.

11 Hottest One Championship Ring Girls

Despite One Championship being founded in 2011, just 12 years ago, the promotion has quickly become one of the biggest combat sports and MMA promotions in the world. Part of the promotion’s success is down to the beautiful One Championship ring girls, who act as some of the best promoters.

So you can see what we mean, here are the 11 hottest One Championship Ring Girls of all time, in alphabetical order.

Choi Ye Rok

Choi Ye Rok is a 5’7” tall (1.71m) One Championship ring girl who graduated from Seoul Arts College with an acting degree. She’s also a popular South Korean model and has worked with various racing promotions.

Her hobbies include hiking, various sports, knitting, and cooking, where she likes to make and eat spicy dishes. Her favorite fighter to watch is Brandon Vera as her first One Championship event featured him in the main event.

Cheon Sera

Cheon Sera, or Chun Se Ra, is one of the hottest One Championship Ring girls of all time. She became a ring girl for One Championship because she loves MMA and she had friends working there.

Before joining One, Cheon Sera was a dancer and a beauty, hair, and makeup artist.

She’s also a popular South Korean model and racing girl, most notably for the HMC Racing Team, and has appeared in various South Korean dramas and music videos as a dancer and model. Outside of work, she loves to draw and she loves cats and dogs.

With her online fame, she’s amassed 190k Instagram followers (February 2023) and is now an online influencer where she markets mostly cosmetic products.

Eun Ji Ye

Eun Ji Ye, or Eun Jiye, is from Seoul, South Korea, and is a model and One Championship ring girl. Eun Ji Ye was once training to be an air hostess before her sister convinced her to become a model like her.

Eun Ji Ye has since modeled for global brands such as Lotte, LG, and Samsung. Before becoming a One Championship ring girl, Eun Ji Ye was a racing girl at many car racing and motocross events across Asia.

Eun Ji Ye is not only recognized for being one of the hottest One Championship ring girls but also for her great smile and warm personality.

Han Ji Eun

Han Ji Eun, or Han Jiyoen, was born in 1987 and has been a racing girl model since 2008, becoming the first South Korean to model for Formula 1.

With this experience, Han Ji Eun was recruited as a One Championship ring girl in 2012 but still models at racing shows.

In 2017, she joined forces with other racing girls to create Berry Chu, a 6-member K-pop group that made just one song and disbanded later that year.

With all of her ventures and being one of the hottest One Championship ring girls, Han Ji Eun has amassed 300k followers on Instagram.

Kim Ji Na

Kim Ji Na is a One Championship ring girl, DJ, and model who acted through high school and university to earn a degree. She was born in Daejeon, South Korea, is 5’6” tall (1.71m), and has brown hair.

In terms of modeling, she’s one of the biggest in Seoul and has appeared in dozens of magazines, calendars, racing events, music videos for popular bands, TV commercials, and a few South Korean drama series.

Kim Ji Na is a huge golf lover and plays often, and she also likes to read and hit the gym.

With her good looks and physique, Kim Ji Na has amassed an Instagram following of 275k+ Instagram followers where she promotes various products as an online influencer.

Lee Bomyi

Lee Bomyi is a very smart and hot One Championship ring girl who’s been with the promotion since 2016.

She graduated with a degree in computer programming, works as a DJ, and also models for racing events and various beauty brands. Lee Bomyi is also a member of the performance group, DIANA.

For exercise, Lee Bomyi goes to the gym, rides an exercise bike, and plays golf. She has 151k+ followers on Instagram and recommends various products to her audience.

Lee Ji Na

Lee Ji Na, or DJ Nina, is a One Championship ring girl, DJ, model, and online influencer with over 700k followers on Instagram. She also has a YouTube channel where she posts vlogs and promotes various beauty products to her 7k+ subscribers.

Before she became famous, Lee Ji Na graduated from university with an accounting degree and worked in a bank for 3 and a half years. She then switched to modeling after her friends continually pushed her to make the switch.

Her favorite DJ is Martin Garrix, who inspired her to start a DJing career. She now DJs in many countries around the world and was the winner of the 2021 World DJ & Creator Award.

Her favorite MMA fighter is Angela Lee, who inspired her to start boxing as a hobby. On top of this, Lee Ji Na keeps in shape by going to the gym twice a week and taking regular dance lessons.

Her hard work and impressive physique led her to recently win a Maxim bikini contest.

Lucky Mizili

Lucky Mizili is a South Korean One championship ring girl, model, racing girl, and singer. She graduated from Kyunwong University and started her career singing in a girl group, Highlady.

At the same time, she was a racing model with Kumho Tire for 2 years.

She was then a racing show model in China until she became a One Championship ring girl in 2017; where she’s worked ever since.

Lucky Mizili enjoys playing golf, traveling, sightseeing, going to the gym, motor racing, yoga, swimming, watching movies, and her cat named Noodles.

Maeng Na Hyun

Maeng Na Hyun, or DJ Cheez, is a South Korean DJ, model, and One Championship ring girl who joined the MMA promotion in 2017.

She became a ring girl because she loves the energy the job allows her to have, which is also the reason she’s been dancing and doing ballet since a young age.

Her career as a model started in 2012 after she graduated with an acting degree. She’s since appeared in music videos, TV commercials, magazines, racing shows, and the fashion industry.

Her hobbies include watching movies, traveling, shopping, and learning languages. She can speak fluent Korean, Japanese, and English.

Nam Eun Ju

Nam Eun Ju is a One Championship ring girl, model, racing girl, and digital creator.

Outside of her work as a model and ring girl, Nam Eun Ju enjoys relaxing with friends and watching movies. She also loves cats and reading regularly.

With 85k+ Instagram followers, Nam Eun Ju promotes various cosmetic products as another way to earn a living.

Park Si Hyun (DJ Siena)

Park Si Hyun, or DI Siena, is a South Korean model, DJ, and ring girl born in Seoul on August 31, 1987. She’s been a One Championship ring girl since the promotion’s third event in 2012 and is the longest-serving One Championship ring girl of all time.

Before her career as a ring girl, model, and DJ, Park Si Hyun graduated with a degree in business administration. Park Si Hyun is a popular model in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and South Korea, and in 2015 she won the Best Motor Show Model of the Year.

As a DJ, she’s been playing electronic dance music (EDM) in many of the biggest nightclubs around the world and she posts her music on her YouTube channel where she has 10k subscribers. 

Park Si Hyun is 5’6” tall (1.68m), weighs around 47 kg (103 lbs), and has become an online influencer with 630k + followers on Instagram.

The Bottom Line

This has been the 11 hottest ONE Championship ring girls, and if you enjoyed this, you may also appreciate the hottest Bellator ring girls or the hottest UFC ring girls.

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