10 Hottest Bellator Ring Girls of All Time (Stunners)

Are you wondering who the hottest Bellator ring girls of all time are?

In this article, we’ll look at the hottest Bellator ring girls of all time and some information about them.

10 Hottest Bellator Ring Girls of All Time

Here are the 10 hottest Bellator ring girls of all time in alphabetical order.

Amber Marie

Very little is known about Amber Marie as she’s never been a full-time Bellator ring girl. However, what is known is that she’s one of the hottest Bellator ring girls and she often works alongside another new Bellator ring girl, Vanessa Morais.

Amber Marie has worked as a ring girl for various smaller MMA promotions, most notably CES MMA based out of Rhode Island. When she’s not working as a ring girl, Amber Marie is a model and online influencer.

Courtney Prather

Courtney Prather is a California girl who sometimes works as a Bellator ring girl when the promotion needs a filler. She made her first Bellator appearance in 2017 after becoming the Chive ring card girl contest winner.

She has a small Youtube fitness channel and is known for being a fitness model and bodybuilder who regularly competes in bikini shows. Her first bodybuilding show was in 2010 and she’s been in love with it ever since.

Dasha Alexandria

Dasha Alexandria grew up in California and is a Ukrainian model based in Los Angeles. Dasha started modeling in her early twenties and has since worked with the American Motorcycle Association, Monster Energy, NASCAR, and multiple clothing and swimwear brands.

She’s a former Bellator ring girl who worked for the promotion in 2017 and her favorite form of cardio is boxing.

Jade Bryce

Jade Bryce was born in 1984 in New Orleans, Mississippi, USA. She was one of the hottest Bellator ring girls for 4 years from 2011 to the end of 2014 where she worked 99 fights.

She didn’t want to leave the promotion, but her contract was ending and Bellator decided not to renew her contract for reasons unknown. Some have speculated that Jade Bryce was let go after becoming pregnant in late 2014.

Jade Bryce is now an online influencer, where she’s a relationship coach, pleasure activist, and podcast owner (untamed & unashamed). She also has ambitions of acting and has so far had minor roles.

Lindsey Harrod

Lindsey Harrod was born and raised in California and was a Bellator ring girl in 2017 and 2018.

After amassing a decent following from being a Bellator ring girl, Lindsey Harrod became a fitness trainer and online fitness influencer. She started her own website and also founded the LHF app.

Outside of modeling and fitness, Lindsey is a huge basketball fan. Her favorite team is the Lakers and her favorite player is Kobe Bryant.

Louise Mckie

Louise Mckie is an English model from Newcastle and has been a Bellator ring girl since 2019. She’s 5’7” tall, has brown hair, brown eyes, a 32 DD bust, and is a dress size 8.

Not only is she one of the hottest Bellator ring girls, but she also trains in martial arts and often posts her training footage online. She began her MMA journey during the 2020 covid lockdown, and at the end of 2022, she started training at AKA Thailand, Phuket.

Outside of Bellator, Louise Mckie is sponsored by Monster Energy, which she often advertises on her social media accounts.

Mercedes Terrell

Mercedes Terrell was born in Orange County, California, USA, in 1984, and is the longest-serving Bellator ring girl having joined the promotion in 2009 and leaving in 2020 after 11 years. Mercedes Terrell is widely considered among fans the hottest Bellator ring girl of all time, or at least the top three.

Since leaving Bellator in 2020, Mercedes Terrell has become an online influencer. She has her own talk show called ‘Mercedes and The Chap’, which she describes on her Twitter as her journey to awakening modern men

She’s also a certified coach for men on the topic of confidence, mindset, sex, and love; and you can work with her by booking through her website. She’s very popular on Instagram, and she also has a Youtube channel and a Cameo account.

Pamela Ryan

Pamela Ryan is from Ireland and was the Miss Bikini Ireland winner in 2018. She became a Bellator ring girl in November 2021 and has also worked as a ring girl for Cage Legacy MMA in 2018 and 2019.

Outside of being one of the hottest Bellator ring girls, Pamela Ryan works full-time in IT as remote technical support.

She’s been a model for more than 10 years and is currently sponsored by Monster Energy – where she’s been with them for four years since 2018.

Summer Morgan (Formerly Summer Daniels)

After one of the hottest Bellator ring girls, Jade Bryce, left in 2015, the large MMA promotion needed a replacement. Luckily for them, Summer Morgan was around the corner.

Summer Morgan previously worked as a model and a ring girl in boxing and for the MMA promotion Elite XC (2007). She was one of the hottest Bellator ring girls during her tenure, which ended sometime after late 2017.

Since leaving, she has become a singer and songwriter and is now also a holistic healer and wellness coach.

Vanessa Morais

Vanessa Morais is one of the newer Bellator ring girls, and she often shares footage from Bellator events on her TikTok.

Online she’s admitted she still gets stage fright at Bellator events but calms down when she realizes she doesn’t have to fight.

Outside of her work as a Bellator ring girl, Vanessa works as a hairdresser and model. While relatively little is known about Vanessa Morais as she’s so new to the MMA industry, she’s certainly one of the hottest Bellator ring girls.

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