Who Did Nate Diaz Choke Out and Why? (Video Included)

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Are you wondering who Nate Diaz choked out?

Known for his fiery persona, excellent Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and no-holds-barred approach, Nate Diaz again proved the fighter’s instinct doesn’t switch off outside the octagon.

This article dives into a confrontation showcasing Diaz’s readiness to engage when challenged.

Who Did Nate Diaz Choke Out and Why?

Nate Diaz choked out Rodney Peterson, a Logan Paul look-alike and TikTok influencer who gained a following by impersonating Logan Paul.

Rodney Peterson is also a trained fighter, with a pro boxing record of 1-0, an amateur MMA record of 0-5, and a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Nate Diaz choked out Rodney Peterson with a standing guillotine choke in self-defense after Rodney approached him looking for a fight and a moment of fame.

The incident occurred outside the XULA Convention Center in April 2023 on Bourbon Street, New Orleans, after KSI’s Misfits Boxing card.

Things escalated when Rodney Peterson entered Diaz’s personal space with his hands outward and the intention of engaging him.

Upon being approached, Nate Diaz was against a wall and had his hands up in a fight-ready position, essentially saying, don’t come any closer unless you want to engage in a fight.

Rodney Peterson continues closer and his hands can be seen moving toward Nate Diaz. In response, Nate Diaz makes contact first by going for a double wrist lock.

They then start grappling and Nate Diaz quickly secures a guillotine choke. Roughly 11 seconds after the initial contact, Nate Diaz drops an unconscious Rodney Peterson to the ground.

As a result, Rodney Peterson suffered a concussion and was bleeding from the back of his head due to his head hitting the ground.

Soon after the incident, an arrest warrant was put out for Nate Diaz, who later turned himself in to the New Orleans police. He was subsequently released after paying a $10,000 bond.

In a Twitter video after the incident, Rodney Peterson claimed, “So, I don’t know what hell I did to Nate Diaz, but I’m telling you what. I’m gonna knock him the f*** out when I know what’s coming.

Okay, like, you caught me off guard dude. What, you think I was Logan? What the f***!!”

The above Twitter response didn’t help Rodney Peterson, as 5 months later (in September) the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s office dismissed the second-degree battery charge against Nate Diaz, citing self-defense.

Final Thoughts

In April 2023, Nate Diaz choked out Rodney Peterson after Rodney entered his personal space in a confrontational manner.

While the incident may have been a departure from the regulated environment of the UFC, it underscored Diaz’s readiness to defend himself when provoked, a characteristic that has been both celebrated and scrutinized throughout his career.

The legal outcome, favoring Diaz’s claim of self-defense, closes a chapter on what became a highly publicized event, but it also opens a dialogue about the responsibilities and expectations placed on public figures skilled in combat.

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