UFC Gym vs UFC Fit: What’s the Difference? (5 Key Differences)

UFC Gym and UFC Fit are both fitness franchises associated with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) brand, but they cater to different fitness needs and preferences.

In this article, we look at the differences between the two UFC franchises.

What’s the Difference Between UFC Gym and UFC Fit?

The difference between UFC Gym and UFC Fit is that UFC Gym focuses on martial arts progression and functional fitness, offering facilities like a UFC-style Octagon, bag rooms, and a variety of martial arts classes. 

In contrast, while UFC Fit does include a lot of martial arts, it caters more to general fitness and wellness, providing a blend of standard gym equipment and luxury amenities such as pools, spas, and saunas.

While UFC Gym is ideal for those deeply interested in martial arts alongside fitness, UFC Fit appeals to a broader audience seeking a traditional gym experience with an added emphasis on high-end wellness facilities.

Let’s dive into the specifics.

1. Training Philosophy and Classes

UFC Gym: The training philosophy is deeply rooted in mixed martial arts (MMA). It offers a range of MMA-related training, including Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, boxing, and other martial arts, alongside traditional fitness equipment and classes.

This gym is ideal for those who are interested in martial arts first, but who also want to improve their fitness, health, and aesthetics.

UFC Fit: In contrast, UFC Fit focuses more on general fitness and conditioning, with a lesser emphasis on martial arts training.

It’s designed for a broader audience, emphasizing overall health, strength, fat loss, and conditioning.

This makes it suitable for those seeking a more traditional gym experience but with the inclusion of martial arts to increase the fun. It’s ideal for those who want to get fit, look better, and learn mixed martial arts.

A key aspect of UFC Fit’s training philosophy is its emphasis on MMA cardio workouts, inspired by the rigorous cardio training of UFC fighters. 

UFC Fit incorporates this element into its programs, offering classes that focus heavily on cardio such as KickBoxing Conditioning and Daily Ultimate Training (DUT), a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class.

UFC Fit also offers pilates, yoga, and stretching for performance classes.

2. Facility Size, Offerings, and Range of Amenities

UFC Gym: Typical UFC Gym Signature clubs range from 18,000 – 45,000 sq. ft., featuring a UFC-style Octagon, large bag room, indoor turf, Brazilian jiu-jitsu mat room, Group Fitness studio, weight room, and robust cardio equipment. 

These clubs are designed to offer a comprehensive martial arts and fitness experience. 

Additional amenities at some locations include Kids Club childcare, full-service locker rooms, dry saunas, tanning, valet parking, and youth programs. 

Most UFC Gym Signature clubs also offer a café and retail store, enhancing the overall gym experience.

UFC Fit: Facilities range from 20,000 to 45,000 sq. ft., offering a blend of standard gym equipment and luxury amenities. 

These include pools, spas, saunas, steam rooms, and basketball courts, catering to members seeking a comprehensive wellness experience. 

UFC Fit combines the rigor of martial arts training with the relaxation and comfort of high-end wellness facilities, making it a unique destination for general fitness enthusiasts.

3. Community and Atmosphere

UFC Gym: Often attracts a community passionate about martial arts and combat sports. The atmosphere might be more intense and competitive, appealing to those who are serious about martial arts training.

UFC Fit: Fosters a more diverse community, from fitness enthusiasts to families. The atmosphere is more inclusive and less intimidating for beginners or those not as interested in martial arts. It’s a good way to get into martial arts with less pressure.

4. Franchise Locations

UFC Gym: As of 2023, UFC Gym boasts over 160 locations worldwide, with plans for 1,000 additional locations in development across 40 countries. 

This expansive reach indicates its popularity and growth in the fitness and martial arts training sector. It also suggests that UFC Gym is the UFC’s main focus in terms of its gym franchises.

UFC Fit: There are 9 UFC Fit locations in total, all in America. This means that for every 1 UFC Fit, 15 UFC Gyms are built. For example, in New York, there are 11 UFC Gyms and only 1 UFC Fit.

However, the brand is part of UFC’s significant expansion strategy and will continue its growing presence in the global fitness market.

In the UFC’s home, Las Vegas, there’s 1 UFC Fit and no UFC Gym.

5. Membership and Pricing

UFC Gym: UFC Gym offers 3 main membership tiers: Fitness ($59), Challenger ($99), and Champion ($129), but there are also different membership tiers that each UFC Gym can offer.

For example, some UFC Gyms also offer Limited ($35 to $39), Fitness V2 Single Location ($59), and Challenger v2 – Multi-Location Online Location ($99), to name a few.

UFC Gym offers multi-location access as there are many more UFC Gyms available. This can be very handy when away from home.

UFC Fit: UFC Fit only offers 3 membership tiers: Fitness ($59), Challenger ($99), and Champion ($129).

As advertised, the membership tiers between the UFC Gym and UFC Fit are the same. For example, the Champion membership offers the following benefits at both:

  • Access all Hours of Operation at Home Club
  • Attend all UFC PPV Fight Parties *
  • Full Strength & Cardio Access
  • Group Fitness Classes *
  • Unlimited Ultimate Conditioning Classes
  • Skills and Technique Classes
  • FREE MyZone ($99 Value)
  • 15% off all PT services
  • Free Guest Privileges ($39/mo Value)
  • Use of all UFC GYM/FIT/CLASS Global Locations
  • BOX.HIIT.LIVE Virtual Platform ($15/mo Value)
  • 90 Day Complimentary Fight Pass ($40 Value)
  • 15% off all Challenges (3 per year)

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