21 UFC Fighters With Mohawks (Images Included)

The mohawk hairstyle, a symbol of boldness and individuality, has long been in the UFC, sported by various fighters across different weight classes.

This article highlights UFC fighters who’ve stood out not just for their prowess in the Octagon but also for their distinctive mohawk hairstyles.

UFC Fighters With Mohawks

1. Alex Pereira

The current UFC light heavyweight and former UFC middleweight champion often sports a completely shaved head. 

However, before his UFC 287 title defense and rematch against Israel Adesanya, Pereira sported a Chuck Liddell-inspired mohawk and goatee beard. Unfortunately, it didn’t make it to the fight.

2. Alistair Overeem

A former Strikeforce heavyweight champion, DREAM heavyweight champion, and K-1 World Grand Prix champion, Alistair Overeem is a well-known figure in the UFC heavyweight division.

Overeem’s hairstyle has varied over the years, but he’s particularly remembered for the times he sported a mohawk.

This hairstyle complemented his formidable presence in the Octagon, adding to the intimidating aura he carried into his fights.

3. Angela Hill

Angela Hill, a competitor in the UFC’s strawweight division, is known for her striking skills and dynamic presence in the Octagon. 

Hill has sported a mohawk hairstyle on a couple of occasions, which adds to her unique and vibrant fighter persona. Other times she sports braids or an afro.

4. Bart Palaszewski

Bart Palaszewski, a competitor in the UFC’s lightweight division, made a mark not just with his fighting skills but also with his distinctive mohawk hairstyle dyed red.

While he didn’t claim a UFC title, his mohawk became a part of his signature look during his time in the Octagon, reflecting his bold and fearless fighting style.

5. Brandon Thatch

Brandon Thatch, known for his time in the UFC’s welterweight division, often sported a mohawk hairstyle that became synonymous with his fighting persona.

Thatch’s mohawk and aggressive fighting style made him a memorable figure in the welterweight category. 

His mohawk, often styled sharply and colored red or brown, added to his dynamic and energetic presence in the UFC.

6. Bryan Barberena

Bryan Barberena, a notable fighter in the UFC’s welterweight division, is recognized for his gritty performances and his distinctive mohawk hairstyle.

Barberena’s mohawk is often spiky and has become a part of his fighter identity, especially since he pairs it with a huge scruffy beard.

7. Chuck Liddell

Chuck Liddell, also known as ‘The Iceman‘, is a legendary figure in the UFC and is widely credited with popularizing the mohawk hairstyle within the organization.

Throughout his illustrious career, Liddell’s mohawk became as iconic as his knockout punches and fearless fighting style.

His mohawk complemented his goatee, creating a distinctive and memorable look that fans and fighters alike would not soon forget.

8. Dan Hardy

Ask any UFC fan about a UFC fighter with a mohawk and they’ll most likely mention Dan Hardy. The British welterweight fighter was one of the original proud mohawk wearers, who rocked it for most of his UFC career.

Hardy’s mohawk was often vibrant red, thinly stripped, and very tall, complementing his dynamic fighting style and trash-taking. 

It made him a memorable character in the UFC, helping him go on to become a UFC commentator.

9. Diego Sanchez

Diego Sanchez, known for his intense energy and enduring career in the UFC, has been seen with a mohawk hairstyle on several occasions. 

Sanchez’s mohawk mirrored his fierce and passionate approach to fighting, embodying the warrior spirit he brought to every bout in the Octagon.

10. Jessica Andrade

Jessica Andrade, a former UFC strawweight champion, is known for her powerful striking and grappling and has sported a mohawk hairstyle that underscores her fierce presence in the Octagon. 

Andrade’s mohawk, often styled boldly, blue, or braided, reflects her aggressive and forward-pressing approach in her fights, making her one of the most formidable female fighters in the UFC.

As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Andrade’s personal style, including her hairstyle, can be seen as a reflection of her confidence and authenticity.

11. Jiří Procházka

Jiří Procházka, a former UFC light heavyweight champion, often enters the Octagon with a distinctive mohawk that complements his unorthodox fighting style and quirky personality.

Procházka’s mohawk, along with his aggressive striking and unique movement, has quickly made him a fan favorite and a fighter to watch in the division.

Procházka’s mohawk has at times been spiky but it’s more often braided and tied back into a bun. The braids also often start halfway on top of his head.

12. Johnny Walker

Johnny Walker, known for his explosive fighting style in the UFC’s light heavyweight division, and eccentric personality, has sported a mohawk hairstyle on a few occasions.

This hairstyle aligns with his flamboyant and energetic personality, both inside and outside the Octagon, and adds to his charismatic fighter persona.

He too also sometimes has it braided, thinly stripped, or tall and spiked. He colors it blonde but mostly leaves it brown. One time he colored it a blue/green color.

13. Marc Diakiese

Marc Diakiese is another UFC fighter who truly represents the mohawk. Competing in the UFC’s lightweight division, Marc has made a statement with his performances and his striking mohawk hairstyle. 

Diakiese’s mohawk, often styled in a sharp and sleek manner, mirrors his fast-paced and technical fighting style, making him a distinctive figure in his weight class.

He often colors his mohawk red, but it’s also been blonde, pink, and multicolored with yellow, green, and blue.

14. Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor, a former two-division UFC Champion known for his striking skills and charismatic personality, has experimented with various hairstyles, including a mohawk.

McGregor’s mohawk phase added an edge to his already flamboyant persona, reflecting the boldness and confidence he’s known for in the Octagon. Of the few times he rocked a mohawk, McGregor either had it braided or fluffy.

15. Mehdi Baghdad

Image by Switlafe

Mehdi Baghdad, who competed in the UFC’s lightweight division, is known for his striking prowess and has sported a mohawk hairstyle that complements his fighting style. 

Baghdad’s mohawk, often styled sharply, reflects his aggressive approach in the cage, showcasing his personality as a fighter who is not afraid to stand out and make a statement in his bouts.

16. Mike Perry

Mike Perry, a fighter in the UFC’s welterweight division, is recognized for his power and tenacity in the cage, as well as his distinctive mohawk hairstyle. 

Perry’s mohawk, which he has sported in various forms, aligns with his unapologetic and bold fighting style. Hist most famous mohawk style was the extremely tall, spiked mohawk.

The hairstyle adds to his weirdness and embodies the fearless and confrontational attitude he brings to every fight.

17. Rory MacDonald

Rory MacDonald, a former title challenger in the UFC’s welterweight division, has been seen with a mohawk hairstyle, adding to his formidable image as a fighter. 

MacDonald’s flat mohawk complements his precise and technical fighting style, symbolizing the intensity and focus he brings to the Octagon. He famously rocked this mohawk in his title fight against Robbie Lawler (UFC 189).

Known for his calm demeanor yet fierce competitiveness, MacDonald’s mohawk underscores the duality of his character as a composed yet aggressive athlete.

18. Scott Jorgensen

Scott Jorgensen, who competed in the UFC from 2011 to 2016, was known not just for his skills in the bantamweight division but also for his distinctive mohawk hairstyle. 

Jorgensen’s red and extremely spiked mohawk with black sides became a part of his signature look, reflecting his aggressive and dynamic fighting style.

19. Stephen Thompson

Stephen Thompson, nicknamed ‘Wonderboy’, is renowned in the UFC’s welterweight division for his striking expertise and karate-based fighting style. 

While Thompson typically sports a more traditional hairstyle, he has experimented with a mohawk look once or twice, adding an edgy flair to his clean-cut image. 

It’s easy for him to transition to a mohawk because he always has his sides shaved very short.

20. Tim Sylvia

Tim Sylvia, a former UFC heavyweight champion, was known for his towering presence and formidable fighting skills. 

While Sylvia often sported a short, conventional hairstyle, there were times when he embraced a mohawk look, adding to his intimidating appearance in the Octagon. 

21. Vitor Belfort

Vitor Belfort, a veteran of the sport and former UFC light heavyweight champion, is known for his explosive power and speed.

Belfort has occasionally sported a mohawk hairstyle, which complemented his aggressive fighting style and persona. 

The mohawk added a modern, fierce touch to Belfort’s appearance, resonating with his reputation as a relentless and passionate competitor in the Octagon.

Bonus Mohawk: Julian Lane

Although he never made it to the UFC, Julian Lane, aka “Let me bang bro!”, deserves an honorable mention for this incredible scene on The Ultimate Fighter: Season 16, as well as his brilliant pink spiky mohawk.

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