How To Cancel UFC Gym Membership (Cancellation Rights Incl)

Are you wondering about how to cancel a UFC gym membership?

In this article, we present the different ways you can cancel a UFC Gym membership, whether you can cancel your UFC Gym membership based on your cancellation rights, whether you can freeze your UFC Gym membership, and whether UFC Gym has a cancellation fee.

How To Cancel UFC Gym Membership

Canceling a UFC Gym membership involves a few different methods, depending on how you initially signed up and your personal preferences. 

Here’s a guide based on the official UFC Gym cancellation policy and additional research:

1. UFC Gym Cancellation Form

For those who signed up for a UFC gym online, head to the UFC Gym Contact Page and fill in the form.

Choose the correct location of the UFC Gym membership you wish to cancel, and then fill out your name, email, and phone number that you signed up with. 

If you’ve changed your email or phone number since you signed up, they’re fine to use. Finally, leave a comment as to why you wish to cancel your UFC gym membership and the appropriate team will get back to you as soon as they can.

2. In-Person

For members who prefer traditional methods or didn’t sign up online, you can visit your UFC gym in person and submit a cancellation request with a staff member at the front desk. 

Do this at least 21 days before your next billing cycle to avoid being rebilled for another month.

3. Cancellation via Mail

For those who prefer a formal, documented approach or want to avoid the journey to the gym, you can cancel a UFC gym membership via mail.

Write a cancellation letter including your account number, contact details, date, signature, and reasons for cancellation.

Locate your gym’s address using the Find Your Gym tool on the UFC Gym website.

The letter must be sent via certified mail (as per the UFC Gym contract) for added security and proof of delivery.

Can I Cancel My UFC Gym Membership? (UFC Gym Cancellation Rights)

Yes, you can cancel your UFC Gym membership. If you’re on a flexible contract (month to month) then you are free to cancel at any time. 

If you’re on a minimum month or yearly contract, then you have to fulfill the contract length. You’re free to cancel during the contract so that your membership isn’t renewed, but you must pay up until the contract expires.

However, UFC Gym members have specific rights under certain conditions that allow them to cancel their membership and get out of a contract.

Here are the cancellation rights you have as a UFC gym member:

1. Three-Day Cancellation Policy

  • Right to Cancel: New members have the right to cancel their contract within three days of signing.
  • Cancellation Process: Deliver or mail a written notice stating the intention not to be bound by the contract before midnight on the third business day after signing.
  • Delivery Method: Send the notice via certified mail, return receipt requested, to ensure proof of delivery.

2. Disability or Death

  • Cancellation Option: Members can cancel if they become permanently disabled or in the event of their death.
  • Permanent Disability: Defined as a condition preventing the use of one-third or more of the gym’s facilities for six months or more, verified by a physician.
  • Physical Examination: UFC Gym may require a physical examination by a physician, with the gym bearing the cost.
  • Non-Permanent Disabilities: The gym allows an extension of the membership term at no additional cost for the duration of the disability.

3. Relocation

  • Eligibility for Cancellation: If a member moves more than 25 miles away from the gym and cannot transfer their membership to a comparable facility.
  • Refund Policy: A refund will be issued based on a specific calculation method, minus a predetermined fee.

4. Gym Closure

  • Cancellation Due to Closure: Members can cancel if the original UFC Gym where they signed up ceases operations for more than 30 days without providing a comparable facility.
  • Refund Calculation: Similar to the relocation scenario.

5. Termination of Prepaid Membership

  • Prepaid Membership Terms: Members can’t terminate their prepaid membership before the end of the initial term unless they qualify for cancellation under the conditions mentioned above.
  • Renewal Term Cancellation: For renewed memberships, cancellation requires a 30-day advance written notice.

6. Refunds

  • Entitlement: Members who cancel under these conditions are entitled to a refund of any prepaid sums, less the value of any services received and processing fees.
  • Refund Timeline: Refunds are issued within 40 days of receipt of the cancellation notice.

7. Notice Requirements

How to Send Notices: All cancellation notices must be sent via certified mail or delivered to the specified UFC Gym address.

Can You Freeze/Pause A UFC Gym Membership?

You can freeze a UFC Gym membership for medical reasons. You can also freeze a UFC gym membership for nonmedical reasons, but it’ll only extend the contract length and you’ll still have to pay the UFC Gym membership.

Here’s a look at how these freeze options work:

Medical Freeze:

  • The freeze can be applied in monthly increments, for a minimum of 1 month and up to a maximum of 6 months per year.
  • A written doctor’s note is required at the time of requesting a freeze.
  • You must complete the Membership Freeze Form and return it to the general manager of the UFC Gym facility. Membership Freeze Forms are found at the gym. Alternatively, you can phone your local branch and ask if they can help you with it (if you can’t get to the gym).
  • UFC Gym reserves the right to verify the note with the doctor, and you are required to waive any Doctor/Patient privilege for this purpose.

Non-Medical Freeze:

  • The Membership Freeze Form must be completed and returned to the general manager.
  • Freezing your membership for non-medical reasons will extend the term of your Agreement.
  • You will still be obligated to pay your monthly dues as per your original Agreement until the minimum term has expired.
  • A fee of $15 per month will be assessed for freezing a membership.

This isn’t really a freeze of the membership because you still have to pay, but it’s an option for those who want to extend their contract length while they’re unable to train.

General Conditions:

  • UFC Gym reserves the right to adjust this freeze policy at its discretion.
  • All freeze requests must be received at least 14 days before your next billing date, otherwise, you’ll be billed for the upcoming month.
  • Retroactive (date in the past) freezes aren’t accepted.

Does UFC Gym Have a Cancellation Fee?

No, UFC Gym doesn’t charge a specific cancellation fee for terminating a membership. However, the financial implications of canceling depend on the type of membership:

Month-to-Month Memberships: Members with flexible, month-to-month membership can cancel at any time without a traditional cancellation fee. 

They’re required to provide a 30-day advance notice, which might result in one final payment if the notice doesn’t align with the billing cycle.

Fixed-Term Memberships: For those on fixed-term contracts (like annual memberships), there isn’t an option to pay a fee to end the contract early. 

If these members cancel before the end of their term without qualifying under special conditions (such as disability or relocation), they’re still financially responsible for the entire term of the contract, effectively paying for the remainder of the contract period.

Special Circumstances: In cases like disability, death, relocation, or gym closure, the contract outlines specific terms for cancellation and potential refunds, calculated based on the duration of the contract used.


Canceling a UFC Gym membership can be accomplished through an online cancellation form, visiting the gym in person, or sending a letter, it’s important to understand the process and follow the steps outlined. 

Additionally, each UFC Gym provides specific cancellation rights under certain conditions such as disability, death, relocation, or gym closure, which are important to be aware of. 

For those who need a temporary break, the gym also offers options to freeze your membership, either for medical or non-medical reasons.

Remember, each cancellation method has its requirements and timelines, so it’s crucial to plan accordingly to ensure a smooth process.

As UFC Gyms are franchises, the terms and conditions can differ between each.

Always be aware of the terms of your membership agreement and the gym’s current policies, as these can affect your cancellation rights and options.

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