Bruce Buffer’s Suits: Everything You Need To Know

Do you have some questions about Bruce Buffer’s suits?

Known as the Veteran Voice of the Octagon, Bruce Buffer is renowned for his stylish and unique suits where he’s become a fashion icon.

In this article, we’ll look at:

  • Who makes Bruce Buffer’s suits?
  • What Suits Does Bruce Buffer Wear? (Design and Style)
  • How Many Suits Does Bruce Buffer Have?
  • Does Bruce Buffer Wear the Same Suits?
  • How Much Do Bruce Buffer’s Suits Cost?
  • Bruce Buffer’s Favorite Suits

Who Makes Bruce Buffer’s Suits?

Bruce Buffer’s suits are made by King and Bay Custom Clothing in Toronto, Canada. The company has been Bruce Buffer’s suit choice since he entered a partnership with them at UFC 200 on July 9, 2016.

King and Bay’s Master Clothiers come from a history of five generations of master tailors and craftsmen, dedicated to creating quality custom and bespoke suits.

King & Bay prioritizes fabrics that are visually stunning, embody sophistication and enduring style, and offer the epitome of luxury in every fabric and stitch – all of which is evidenced in Bruce Buffer’s suits.

Here’s the King & Bay suit Bruce Buffer wore at UFC 200, which had ‘It’s Time!’ stitched on the back of his collar:

The partnership has been well-received, with fans, media, and fighters noticing and appreciating Bruce Buffer’s elevated style since collaborating with King & Bay.

Prior to his partnership with King and Bay, Bruce Buffer wore suits from high-end fashion brands like Tom Ford, Hugo Boss, and Huntsman.

Huntsman makes the suits in the movie, ‘The Kingsman’, and are said to take around 104 hours to fully complete, including the time to draft the pattern.

What Suits Does Bruce Buffer Wear? (Design and Style)


Since partnering with King and Bay at UFC 200 in 2016, Bruce Buffer has mostly worn the jacquard smoking jackets they make for him, paired with black suit trousers, only occasionally wearing traditional suits.

  • Smoking Jacket: Bruce Buffer’s smoking jackets, especially those tailored by King & Bay, are known for their custom designs, often made of raw silk jacquard. They stand out due to their unique patterns, colors, and luxurious feel.
  • Traditional Suit: Before his partnership with King & Bay, Bruce Buffer was seen wearing more traditional suits and tuxedos. Even after the partnership, he might occasionally opt for different styles, depending on the event or personal preference.

Here are the main differences between the two:

  • Smoking Jacket: Traditionally, a smoking jacket is a mid-thigh or knee-length jacket made of velvet, silk, or a similar luxurious fabric. It typically has a shawl collar and turn-up cuffs and is fastened with a belt or button. The design is more relaxed and comfortable, often decorated with quilted or satin lapels.
  • Traditional Suit: A traditional suit consists of trousers and a matching jacket, usually made of wool, cotton, or synthetic materials. The jacket has a more structured fit, with notched or peaked lapels, and is fastened with buttons. Suits are often paired with a formal shirt, tie, and sometimes a waistcoat.

In 2022, while speaking to UFC commentator, Brendan Fitzgerald, Bruce Buffer said, “You know, I work with my tailors, King and Bay out of Toronto, Canada. They’re absolutely amazing. So, we have meetings. We go over different designs. 

But, sometimes they surprise me. They search for the most amazing Jacquard silk they can find and usually, they can only find enough to make one jacket. 

Depending on where we’re at, it could be a country of colors, it could be this, it could be green for Ireland, but, we try to bring it every time we can.”

Bruce Buffer’s suits also often have different designs and decorations inside to commemorate a UFC event, a UFC venue, or a city/country where an event is being held.

At UFC 258, Bruce Buffer wore a special suit as he was celebrating 25 years as UFC announcer. It was a beautiful red silk jacquard smoking jacket.

The lining inside the jacket had 20 or more animated depictions of various UFC events he’s announced at.


How Many Suits Does Bruce Buffer Have?

Ahead of UFC 286 on March 18, 2023, Bruce Buffer shared in a UFC YouTube video that he has close to 100 suits.

So, at the time of writing (September 2023), it’s safe to assume Bruce Buffer has 100 suits or more as he’s likely been given a few more by King & Bay.

Does Bruce Buffer Ever Wear the Same Suit Twice?

Bruce Buffer does sometimes wear the same suit twice but not too often as he has around 100 suits.

He also announces roughly 30 UFC events out of the roughly 42 UFC events per year, meaning it’s very rare for Bruce Buffer to wear the same suit twice.

He also has new suits given to him by King & Bay regularly, so he has little reason to wear the same suit twice.

However, Bruce Buffer wore the same suit at UFC 249: Ferguson vs. Gaethje and UFC 274: Oliveira vs. Gaethje.

Bruce Buffer wore the same suit for these events as they both featured Justin Gaethje and Tony Ferguson on the main cards.

Bruce Buffer also sometimes wears one suit/jacket to the main event and then changes into another suit for the main event. He famously did this at UFC 229: Khabib vs. McGregor.

While the exact details of his partnership with King and Bay are unknown, the company provides him with new suits for nearly every UFC event he announces. 

It’s in their best interest to have Bruce Buffer marketing their new suits 30 times a year to millions of potential customers, and Bruce is happy for the suits to keep coming.

How Much Do Bruce Buffer’s Suits Cost?

Bruce Buffer’s suits cost around $4,000 each. This is the price for the custom–made suits made for him by King & Bay.

Again, it’s unknown whether Bruce Buffer’s paying for each suit from King & Bay, but as they entered a partnership in 2016, it’s likely he receives them for free as he’s marketing them extremely well.

Bruce Buffer’s Favorite Suits (Top 6)

Collaborating with the UFC to make a YouTube video, Bruce Buffer revealed his favorite suit was the one he wore at UFC 286. 

He also spoke about 5 of his other favorite suits while announcing UFC events, saying about each:

  • UFC 286: “Spells, feels, smells, and looks like royalty. It’s a beautiful jacket.”
  • UFC 246: “I wore a beautiful tuxedo jacket. Lavender lapel, a floral design, and lightweight because I always have to move around. Plus a beautiful white shirt.”
  • UFC 268: “Very unique, green, and full of beige and brown skulls.”
  • UFC 251: “So unique, so classy, vibrant appeal, royalty.”
  • UFC 276: “So unique, it was black and had white dragonflies on it.”
  • UFC 258: “Vibrant red, the lining inside the jacket had 20 or more animated blocks of various UFC events I’d announced at.”

Here’s the video of Bruce Buffer talking about his favorite suits:

To Conclude

Bruce Buffer’s suits have been made by King & Bay since UFC 200 on July 9, 2016, after he entered a partnership with the Canadian-based tailors.

Since then, Bruce Buffer’s suits have mostly been comprised of jacquard smoking jackets paired with black suit trousers, while he sometimes wears traditional suits.

Before 2016, Bruce Buffer wore more traditional suits and tuxedos from high-end fashion brands like Tom Ford and Hugo Boss.

As of September 2023, Bruce Buffer has around 100 suits, with this number likely to grow as King & Bay continues to provide him with new custom suits each year.

The King & Bay custom-made suits worn by Bruce Buffer are worth around $4,000 each, but this doesn’t stop him from wearing a new suit at nearly every UFC event, rarely wearing the same suit twice.

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