4 Best MMA Gym Bags in 2023 (Tested and Reviewed)

Are you wondering what the best MMA gym bags are?

In this article, we’ll dive into the 4 absolute best MMA gym bags on the market in 2023 and beyond, explaining what makes them better than other MMA gym bags and looking at any cons.

Best MMA Gym Bags

While there are hundreds of MMA gym bags on the market, we’ve done the research and present here the 4 best MMA gym bags to save you the trouble of reading through dozens of product descriptions and reviews.

The following MMA gym bags are ranked starting with the best.

1. Best MMA Gym Bag Overall

Hayabusa Ryoko Mesh Gear Bag – Black/Grey, 70L

Hayabusa Ryoko Mesh Gear Bag – Black/Grey, 70L
  • The Hayabusa Ryoko Duffel Bag is constructed with tear resistant…
  • Ryoko is the perfect boxing duffle bag to store all of your…
  • The only gym bag you’ll ever need.

>Dimensions: ‎Height: 11.5-inch (29cm) Length: 24-inch (61cm) Depth: 13.5-inch (34cm)

>Tear-resistant mesh construction allows for breathability and quick drying of items (most breathable MMA gym bag)

>High durability due to the high-quality mesh and reinforced stitching

>Extremely spacious for all MMA gear (70L)

First made available in August 2017, the Hayabusa Ryoko Mesh Gear Bag is a premium product designed specifically for the modern MMA athlete.

The bag’s 70L capacity ensures all MMA training gear can be taken to the gym, whether it be shin guards, multiple pairs of gloves, Bjj gi, first aid kid, wraps, headgear, shoes, pads, spare clothes, and towels.

On the outside, it has 2 water bottle mesh pockets, leaving more space inside for the essentials. These also work great for airing out smaller items like hand wraps or headbands.

It also features a water-resistant zippered pocket to keep your wet and dry gear separated, and a smaller zippered pocket just underneath it for smaller items or airing out wet items. There’s also a smaller inside pocket for separation.

A common issue with many MMA gym bags is poor-quality zippers, which is why Hayabusa has designed the zippers with high-quality metal, built to last.

A standout feature of the bag is its high-quality tear-resistant mesh construction. This makes the bag more breathable than other MMA gym bags, keeping it odor-free and allowing wet clothes and items to dry off quickly.

Its ability to air out sweaty MMA gear helps prolong the lifespan of your gear, and it also means you can wash the bag fewer times than others.

The tear-resistant mesh is also key to the bag’s durability and lightweight – making it extremely long-lasting and easy to carry around.

The bag comes with sturdy handles for a comfortable and secure grip. These handles can easily withstand the weight of your MMA gear and are very durable. 

The base is also very sturdy and sewn in which helps the bag keep its shape.

Overall, the Hayabusa Ryoko Mesh Gear Bag looks fantastic and is specifically designed for MMA practitioners – it’s the perfect size and is the most breathable MMA gym bag on the market.

Its overall quality is supported by its 4.7 stars from 309 ratings on Amazon, 84% of which are 5-star.

2. Best MMA Gym Bag for Functionality

Elite Sports – Warrior Series MMA Gym Duffel Bag

Warrior Series Jiu Jitsu Bjj Gym Duffle Bag for MMA, BJJ, Boxing Gear, Duffel Athletic Gym Backpack with Shoes Compartment.
  • CONVENIENTLY STORAGE – The Warrior gym duffel bag for boxing,…
  • MESH VENTILATION POCKET – Our boxing gym bag has a mesh pocket…
  • TAKES HAYMAKERS WITH EASE – Our MMA gym backpack duffel is made…

>Dimensions for large: ‎Height: 13-inch (33cm) Length: 24-inch (61cm) Depth: 12-inch (30cm)

>Highly spacious for all MMA gear – 60L carrying capacity

>Multiple dedicated compartments and pockets for organization and accessibility

>Highly functional due to its handles, shoulder straps, and backpack straps

>Water-repellent and machine washable

Released in January 2017, the Elite Sports Warrior Duffel Bag is an exceptional MMA gym bag for only $60, which is why it’s one of the best sellers.

One of the standout features of this bag is its functionality. It has sturdy handles for quick a grab-and-go, a shoulder strap for heavier loads, and stowable backpack straps which are optimal for traveling.

The shoulder strap is comfortable as it’s adjustable and has soft padding. It evenly distributes the weight, minimizing shoulder strain and ensuring a pleasant carrying experience no matter the amount of gear you’re holding.

The bag is very spacious inside which means you can take everything you need to MMA/martial arts training or classes. The zippers are built to last and there are also multiple well-placed compartments and pockets. 

You’ll no longer be scrounging around for items, as this bag makes it easy to keep your gear organized and easily accessible.

It features a dedicated shoe compartment, internal pockets, a water bottle pocket, and a ventilated mesh pocket on the inside for drying damp/wet items.

The Elite Sports bag is made of heavy-duty Cordura fabric (often used in military gear), known for being highly durable, wear and tear-resistant, easy to clean, lightweight, and water-repellent.

Its water-repellent design helps prevent mold and bacterial growth inside the bag. Not only this, but the bag is machine washable which makes it much easier to thoroughly clean compared to non-machine washable bags.

The base of the bag is made from high-grade ballistic-strength polyester, helping the bag keep its shape and ensuring resistance to wear and tear where an MMA gym bag needs it most.

Another bonus is free and next-day delivery for Amazon Prime members.

Overall, with a sleek design, durable construction, and excellent compartments/pockets, the Elite Sports Warrior MMA Gym Bag is one of the best on the market in 2023 and beyond.

It’s one of the best-selling MMA gym bags around, supported by its 4.7 overall rating from 1,093 Amazon reviews, 86% of which are 5-star

This is the highest 5-star MMA gym bag on the market with so many reviews, and for only $60 it’s an absolute steal.

3. Best MMA Gym Bag for Quality Material & Aesthetics

Gold BJJ/MMA Duffle Bag

Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Duffle Bag – Waterproof Pocket for Sweaty Gi, Rashguard, or Shoes – The Perfect Duffel Bag for Martial Arts Gear, Boxing, MMA, and more (Black)
  • 44L CAPACITY FOR ALL OF YOUR GEAR 🥋 Customers of our 25L Jiu…
  • XL WATERPROOF GI POCKET 💦 Keep your clean gear clean, and your…
  • A TRAINING BAG THAT WILL LAST 🛡️ Made from water resistant…

>Dimensions: Height: 12-inch (30cm) Length: 21-inch (53cm) Depth: 12-inch (30cm)

>Water-resistant PVC and two-tone polyester design (quality and durable material)

>XL waterproof pocket for separating dirty/wet items

>Get a replacement or full refund within 1 year of purchase without any questions asked (Gold BJJ Guarantee)

The standout feature of the Gold MMA Duffel Bag is its water-resistant PVC and two-tone polyester construction. It’s highly durable, easy to clean, lightweight, strong, and fade-resistant – ensuring the bag looks new for a long time.

The second best feature of the bag is its compartmentalization. On the outside, it has an XL waterproof pocket on the side for dirty and wet/damp gear, which can be pulled outwards of the bag.

This allows to it air out, ensuring odors don’t linger. Also on the outside, it has an extra large front pocket, and on the other side a mesh pocket which is great for valuables and small items such as mouthguards.

On the inside, it has a pouch for belts and other little items, and a large spacious area for your gear. All of the pockets have durable metal zippers.

It isn’t the roomiest bag on the list with a carrying capacity of 44L, but this is plenty for fitting two A2 gi’s, rash guards, MMA gloves, water bottles, headgear, and spare clothes (or whatever you like).

It has comfortable handle straps and an adjustable shoulder strap useful for carrying heavier loads.

The bottom of the bag is padded, which protects your items and helps the bag keep its shape and therefore organization.

This bag is also backed by the Gold BJJ Guarantee. This allows you to send back the bag and get a replacement or full refund within 1 year of purchase without any questions asked (as long as you didn’t damage it).

Last but not least, this is likely the most aesthetically pleasing MMA gym bag on the market due to its two-tone polyester material. It has a clean and sleek design, a gold G logo and text, and is available in black or grey.

Overall, the Gold MMA Duffel Bag is one of the best MMA gym bags out there due to its quality, durability, compartmentalization, and separate waterproof pockets.

This is supported by its 4.7 overall rating from 393 Amazon reviews, 83% of which are 5-star.

4. Best MMA Gym Bag on a Budget (Value for Money)

Meister Breathable Chain Mesh Duffel Gym Bag

Meister X-Large Breathable Gauze Training Bag Sports Bag Black
  • X-LARGE (28″ x 15″ x 15″) for Athletes with a Lot of Gear
  • Super strong Chain Mesh breathes to allow air flow
  • Incredibly lightweight – bag weighs just over a pound

>Dimensions for X-L: Height: 15-inch (38cm) Length: 28-inch (71cm) Depth: 15-inch (38cm)

>X-Large bag has a carrying capacity of 100L – a huge amount of space

>Double-layered chain polyester mesh construction for breathability and durability (also not see-through)

>Lightweight and flexible – it can be folded very small when empty

Introduced to the market as an affordable yet high-quality option, the Meister X-LARGE Breathable Chain Mesh Duffel Gym Bag provides MMA practitioners with everything they need at a budget price.

The standout feature of this bag is its huge amount of space, having a carrying capacity of 100L. This makes it ideal for martial artists who take a lot of gear to the gym, particularly pads and multiple pairs of gloves and clothes.

Another great feature is its unique double-layered chain polyester mesh construction.

It’s very durable, tear-resistant, and ensures maximum breathability. It allows your gear to dry off quickly and reduces the chance of the bag developing a bad smell.

The mesh material feels thick and tough, but as flexible as any nylon fabric. Its flexibility means it can be folded very small when the bag is empty.

The mesh construction also makes the Meister bag super lightweight, weighing just over 1 lb (0.45 kg). Also, the mesh isn’t see-through for those wary of having their gear/valuables eyeballed.

The bag has zipper pockets on both sides to store small valuables or mouthguards, or to dry smaller items like headbands or hand wraps.

As the bag doesn’t have backpack or shoulder straps, the handles are tough nylon and the stitching is tight for excellent durability – fraying isn’t an issue.

It comes in a classic (22” x 13” x 13”) size with a carrying capacity of 60L and an X-large size (28″ x 15″ x 15″) with a carrying capacity of 100L. It’s worth buying the X-L size for an extra $7 unless you feel 60L is enough space.

Another bonus is free and next-day delivery for Amazon Prime members.

On the other hand, the main issue with this bag is the zippers. They’re not the strongest but will last a long time if treated with care. 

Smaller issues are the lack of a solid base (but this can make bags less durable) and the outside pockets being fairly small.

Overall, the Meister bag is one of the best MMA gym bags on the market. It’s an excellent product at an even better price, ideal for those who want a breathable bag with large amounts of space.

This is supported by its 4.7 rating from 1,231 reviews on Amazon, 82% of which are 5-star. 

Overall and Other Options

The Hayabusa Ryoko Mesh Gear Bag, Elite Sports Warrior MMA Bag, Gold BJJ/MMA Duffel Bag, and the Meister Breathable Chain Mesh Duffel Gym Bag are the 4 best MMA gym bags on the market.

There are other great options, but they don’t offer the complete package the above 4 do.

If you need some more MMA gym bags for comparison to the above 4, here are the next best which would’ve made the list had it been longer.

Meister Vented Convertible Duffel/Backpack Gym Bag – Ideal Carry-On
  • Carry All Your Gear – The Perfect Size for the Gym and Maximum…
  • Converts from Duffel Bag to Backpack in Seconds – Shoulder Straps…
  • Breathable Mesh Panels on Both Sides Allow for Air Flow…
Ring to Cage R2C Mesh Gear Bag for Muay Thai, MMA, Kickboxing, Boxing, Martial Arts
  • High Quality super tough bold black nylon mesh allows equipment…
  • Coated nylon bottom.
  • Helps eliminate odors and aids in the life of leather gear and…

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