Robert Watts

Researcher, Writer, and Editor

Education: History Degree from the University of Hull


  • Experienced writer, researcher, and editor specializing in MMA, Martial Arts, Combat Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition.
  • Holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History from the University of Hull.
  • Primary contributor to GroundedMMA, known for well-researched, unbiased, and comprehensive articles.


Robert Watts brings a unique blend of historical insight and in-depth knowledge of martial arts to his writing. His passion for MMA and combat sports is evident in every piece he crafts. Robert’s approach to writing is to make complex topics accessible and engaging, ensuring that each article is grounded, thoroughly researched, and unbiased.

This approach has earned him a reputation for producing content that is not only informative but also immensely useful for martial artists and combat sports enthusiasts.

Outside of writing, Robert is deeply involved in MMA training, hiking, and gym workouts focused on hypertrophy, which further enriches his understanding and perspective on the topics he covers. Although he doesn’t engage in public speaking or consulting, his written work speaks volumes of his expertise and dedication to the field.


Robert’s academic background in History from the University of Hull has equipped him with the skills to delve deep into topics, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and an ability to present information in a historical and cultural context.

This educational foundation complements his practical knowledge in martial arts, allowing him to offer a well-rounded and insightful view in his writings.