What’s Around the UFC Fighter’s Neck? (Quick Answer)

Michael Chandler at the UFC 257 Ceremonial Weigh-ins

Are you wondering what UFC fighters have around their neck at ceremonial UFC weigh-ins?

In this article, we’ll look at what’s around UFC fighters’ necks, why they wear them to ceremonial UFC weigh-ins, and whether they’re used by UFC fighters.

What’s Around the UFC Fighter’s Neck?

The thing around UFC fighters’ necks is an O2 Industries TR2 tactical respirator. They’re wearing them as a promotion at UFC ceremonial weigh-ins since the UFC struck a sponsorship deal with O2 Industries.

O2 Industries are a manufacturer of reusable and premium respirators, and the partnership which started at UFC 253 (September 2020) on Fight Island means UFC fighters have free access to all O2 industries masks.

Part of the sponsorship deal means O2 Industries masks feature only in PVP events and not Fight Nights.

The TR2 tactical respirator is a premium respirator retailing for $250 (2023). This premium price ensures comfort for long periods of use, as it has built-in flex zones to allow for full head movement, multiple strap customizations, and soft-touch medical-grade silicone.

O2 Industries masks are built for front-line workers, police, military, and elite athletes.

In May 2021, UFC fighters no longer wear any O2 Industries tactical respirators around their neck as the company went bankrupt and was placed in receivership due to declining sales and excess supply.

Other things UFC fighters wear around their neck during weigh-ins are jewelry and various necklaces.

How Can UFC Fighters Weigh In With the O2 Respirator Around Their Neck?

Since the UFC changed the weigh-in procedure in 2016, UFC fighters complete an official weigh-in away behind closed doors. Fans aren’t allowed to attend and only the media and commission for the event are present.

Now, fans get to attend the ceremonial weigh-ins, where fighters have already registered their weight and are only standing on the scales to promote the fight. Their weight isn’t being taken which is why they wear the O2 respirators or jewelry around their neck and also trousers, shorts, and footwear.

Do UFC/MMA Fighters Use Respirators? 

Some UFC fighters use respirators and the O2 Industries TR2 tactical respirators in heavily polluted environments. This may be the case when a UFC fighter is performing outside cardiovascular activities such as running and the pollution is affecting their breathing.

UFC events are hosted in many of the major cities in the US and around the world, so UFC fighters take and use a respirator when performing outside cardiovascular training in these polluted cities.

Even in environments that aren’t heavily polluted, some UFC fighters with respiratory diseases such as asthma may choose to use a respirator to protect themselves and ensure pollution doesn’t affect their workout.

Many UFC fighters were using respirators between 2020 and May 2021 because of the covid pandemic and because of the UFC sponsorship deal with O2 Industries.

The extra safety precautions such as the use of respirators are one of the reasons why the UFC was one of the first to get back up and running during the covid pandemic.


So, ‘what’s around the UFC fighter’s neck?’

Around the neck of many UFC fighters at ceremonial weigh-ins were O2 Industries TR2 tactical respirators. They were wearing them to promote the product as part of the sponsorship deal between the UFC and O2 Industries; until the company went bankrupt in May 2021.

Israel Adesanya was the first fighter to wear a TR2 tactical respirator at UFC 253 in September 2020, which was a great promotion for O2 Industries.

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