What Is the UFC Apex? (Tickets, Features, Octagon Size)

Do you have a question about the UFC Apex?

In this article, we’ll look at what the UFC Apex is, its location, the size of the octagon used, other uses outside of UFC events, whether it’s open to the public, and other questions.

What Is the UFC Apex?

The UFC Apex is the promotion’s live event and production center in Las Vegas, Nevada; specifically built and designed for fighting. It stands opposite the UFC Performance Institute (UFC headquarters) and is just 10 minutes from the strip.

The UFC Apex was opened on June 18, 2019, and has been used extensively throughout the covid-19 pandemic to broadcast live UFC events. The UFC purchased the property from the previous owners, Scientific Games Corporation, for $40 million.

While covid is less of an issue in late 2022, the UFC Apex is still used to host between a third and half of UFC Fight Night events for convenience and when events feature mostly North and South American fighters (less travel).

The UFC Apex is also used to host Dana White’s Contender Series and also record scenes for The Ultimate Fighter (TUF).

While never its intended purpose, the UFC Apex can be rented out and used for various events and productions such as small live music events, boxing events, stand-up comedy, filming, corporate parties, performances, and broadcast commercials.

What Does the UFC Apex Feature?

The UFC Apex has state-of-the-art recording equipment and everything needed to make an event efficient and effective. Prices vary depending on the type of event and can be enquired about by contacting the UFC.

The UFC Apex has a total space of 130,000 square feet across various stages and rooms within the facility. The facility is split into 3 main stages:

  • Stage A: This is the main stage where UFC Fight Nights are held. It has a height of 26 feet, a total space of 12,425 square feet, LED screens on each wall, various lighting options, and full 1080p/1080i connectivity.
  • Stage B: This is the broadcast studio. It has a height of 26 feet, a total space of 2,435 square feet, and is suitable for broadcasts, studio shows, and photoshoots.
  • Stage C: This is the smaller stage where UFC interviews are held. It has a height of 15.8 feet, a total space of 748 square feet, and a control room. It’s suitable for interviews, photoshoots, and other small projects.

In terms of broadcasting, the UFC Apex features an announcement booth, audio control rooms, a front-of-house control booth, production control rooms, replay rooms, and video shading rooms.

The UFC Apex also has a room specifically designed for UFC cutmen, where they can wrap hands and clean up fighters before and after a fight, but the room is also used as storage where it holds everything they need.

There’s a media room perfect for conferences, catering, gatherings, and interviews. It has a height of 10.6 feet and a total space of 2,450 square feet.

The UFC Apex also has a built-in warehouse with ample storage and a loading dock for deliveries so that they can set up any event. The warehouse has a height of 30.5 feet and a total space of 14,400 square feet.

For the fighters, there’s a fighter meeting room, lockers, showers, and a training facility that has a boxing ring, an octagon, and a strength and conditioning area (weights & cardio machines).

What Is the UFC Apex Octagon Size?

The UFC Apex octagon size is 25 feet in diameter and has a total fight space of 518 square feet – and is the smaller version of the 30 feet octagon.

The UFC Apex has used the smaller octagon 100% of the time since UFC on ESPN 9 on May 30, 2020.

This was the first event back at the UFC Apex since 5 UFC events were canceled due to covid.

They used the smaller octagon because it creates more action and fight finishes (knockouts and submissions) and also provides more area for seating as opposed to the 30 feet octagon.

Can You Get UFC Apex Tickets? (How Much Are UFC Apex Tickets?)

Since July 2022, UFC events at the UFC Apex have been open to the public. The UFC Apex has a capacity of around 1500 but they only sell around 150 tickets for each event, ranging in price from around $1,500 to $3,000.

Ticket availability at the UFC Apex depends on how many complimentary tickets the UFC has given out for the upcoming event, but will usually be between 100 to 150. Customers have to contact the UFC via email (bottom of the page) to enquire about ticket availability.

UFC Apex tickets are expensive because it’s considered a VIP experience, where there’s an inclusive buffet, an open bar, and an in-seat drink service.

Customers also receive a framed plaque, a souvenir ticket, and a piece of the octagon mat from that night – and can enter the octagon for a picture after the main event.

With plans to expand the UFC Apex to seat 1,000 fans in 2023, the prices are likely to come down.

Did Mark Zuckerberg Rent Out the UFC Apex for UFC Vegas 61?

Yes, Mark Zuckerberg rented out the UFC Apex for UFC Vegas 61.

UFC Vegas 61 was held at the UFC Apex on October 1, 2022, and Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Meta (Facebook), was there with his wife.

While Mark’s presence wasn’t too surprising, the fact there weren’t any fans or media in the UFC Apex makes it obvious that he rented it out.

Whether he directly paid the UFC to rent out the UFC Apex is unknown, but it’s clear that there was some sort of business between the UFC and Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg’s wife, Pricilla Chan, is a huge fan of Mackenzie Dern, which is likely why Mark Zuckerberg rented out the UFC Apex. 

Mackenzie Dern is the one who spilled the beans in her pre-fight interview when she said, “I know Mark Zuckerberg, like, rented out the whole event”.

Dana White rejected the idea, tweeting “Mark Zuckerberg did NOT rent out the UFC Apex. That’s total bull***t”. 

However, as we know the UFC Apex can be rented out, especially if money is involved and someone as powerful as Mark Zuckerberg wants to watch a UFC event in peace with his wife.

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