What Is the BMF Belt in the UFC? (Interesting Answer)

Have you heard of the BMF belt and are wondering what it is?

In this article, we’ll look at what the BMF belt is, why it was created, the current holders, and whether or not it’ll be contested again.

What Is the UFC BMF Belt?

BMF stands for baddest motherf***r and is a championship title belt unique to and created by the UFC.

The BMF belt was introduced by the UFC in 2019 for its 500th event at Madison Square Garden, awarded to the winner of the fight between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz at UFC 244.

The BMF belt is a real belt and was put around Jorge Masvidal by Dwayne the Rock Johnson after he beat Diaz.

Why Was the BMF Belt Created?

The BMF belt was created to find out who the “Baddest Motherf***r in the game is” (UFC), as originally quoted by Nate Diaz. Dana White has given full credit to Diaz for the concept.

It initially started when, after beating Anthony Pettis (UFC 241), Nate Diaz called out Masvidal during his octagon interview, saying, “There ain’t no gangsters in this game anymore, there ain’t nobody who does it right but me and him”.

Diaz in his post-fight press conference then claimed he was the “baddest motherf***r in the game”. This led to Dana White presenting the idea in a matchmaking meeting, that the fight should be made and have a BMF title belt to accompany it.

The UFC team loved the idea so the fight was scheduled and the BMF belt creation was underway. Dana White in his presentation of the belt conference, jokingly agreed Conor McGregor had signed off on the design of the belt.

Another reason the BMF belt was created is because of the popularity of the two fighters. As the fight was a five-round main event, the UFC believed the fight should have a title belt on the line; as traditionally main events in the UFC are title fights.

Moreover, the BMF belt was created as a marketing tool as it helps the UFC promote the fight, and boost sales by turning the event into a pay-per-view. This is the reason people are critical of the belt and call it a fake or gimmick.

BMF Belt vs Official UFC Championship Belts

As the BMF belt was created in such a quick fashion, it’s the same style as the official UFC belts but in a different variation. 

The similarities between the BMF and official championship belts are the straps are both made from leather, and they both weigh around 10.5 lbs.

Dana White said at a press conference the belt was the most expensive belt in the UFC, at a cost of $50,000 dollars (2019). He also said it was the fastest belt they’ve ever made, which is likely one of the reasons the belt cost so much.

The BMF belt is black and silver and contains diamonds of the same color, and also has the numbers 244 and 500 on the plates on the straps, representing UFC 244 and the UFC’s 500th event. 

This is different from the official belts which use gold and silver diamonds, as well as custom-made plates featuring the individual champion’s weight class, country, and the number of title defenses (signified by red diamonds).

Moreover, it also says the words Baddest Motherf***r on the front and has Dana’s signature on the back (all belts have his signature on the back). This makes it known that it’s an authentic UFC belt, as there are many replicas out there.

Despite its price and similarities to official UFC championship belts, the BMF belt has been labeled a gimmick and a marketing tool.

Who Is the Current BMF Belt Holder? (And Does It Even Matter?)

The current BMF belt holder is Justin Gaethje after he knocked out Dustin Poirier at UFC 291 via a roundhouse head kick in round 2.

Justin Gaethje didn’t seem to care much for the BMF belt, handing it away to one of his teammates after it was placed on his shoulder by Jorge Masvidal. In the past, Gaethje said the BMF belt was “kind of stupid”.

The original BMF belt holder was Jorge Masvidal as he beat Nate Diaz via doctor stoppage in the first and what was thought to be the only BMF title fight. The winning of the belt has only increased his legacy, where he’s already one of the most popular fighters in the UFC’s history.

It also keeps his name circulating in the media, amongst fans, and in the UFC, which means the BMF belt was a huge win for Jorge Masvidal.

Masvidal still has the belt and seems very proud of it, recently making a public appearance with it, and presenting it to Governor Ron DeSantis at a re-election event in March 2022.

Will the BMF Belt Ever Be Contested?

The BMF belt was supposed to be a one-and-done title, but the UFC changed its decision and it was contested for the second time at UFC 291 on July 29, 2023, between Justin Gaethje and Dustin Poirier. The UFC changed its mind due to Jorge Masvidal’s retirement from MMA.

The UFC has yet to release an answer as to whether the BMF title will be contested for a third time after the BMF belt was won at UFC 291.

Originally, when presenting the belt to journalists, Dana White revealed the belt would only be fought for once, and this was clarified by the belt having 1/1 on the back.

There were many fighters wanting to contest for the BMF belt and title, such as Kamaru Usman, Colby Covington, and Leon Edwards – but at the time the UFC maintained the belt was a one-and-done.

Kamaru Usman believed he should have the belt since he knocked out Masvidal at UFC 261, and joked he’d relinquish the belt for UFC 272 between Masvidal and Covington.

However, even if it was a contestable belt (at that time), Masvidal accepted the fight on 6 days’ notice after Gilbert Burns had to pull out, so it would’ve been unfair for the BMF belt to have been on the line.

All in All

The BMF belt has received mixed reviews overall, with some being critical of the UFC and seeing it as a pure business play, whilst on the other side, there are those who believe the BMF belt was justified for a fight between two legends of the UFC.

The fact Masvidal accepted the fight against a great champion like Usman on 6 days’ notice shows he wasn’t concerned with his BMF status or the belt being on the line; further adding to his BMF reputation.

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