Who Has the Most Wins in UFC History? (By Weight Class Incl.)

Jim Miller

Are you wondering who has the most wins in UFC history?

In this article, we’ll look at who has the most wins in UFC history overall and by weight class, and if any fighters are likely to secure the top spots in the short or long term.

Who Has the Most Wins in UFC History? (Top 20)

Here’s a table showing 20 athletes with the most wins in UFC history:

Jim Miller25ActiveAugust 30, 1983
Andrei Arlovski23ActiveFebruary 4, 1979
Donald Cerrone23ActiveMarch 29, 1983
Demian Maia22ActiveNovember 6, 1977
Charles Oliveira22ActiveOctober 17, 1989
Michael Bisping20RetiredFebruary 28, 1979
Georges St-Pierre20RetiredMay 19, 1981
Rafael Dos Anjos20ActiveOctober 26, 1984
Jon Jones21ActiveJuly 19, 1987
Dustin Poirier20ActiveJanuary 19, 1989
Max Holloway20ActiveDecember 4, 1991
Neil Magny21ActiveAugust 3, 1987
Diego Sanchez19InactiveDecember 31, 1981
Franciso Trinaldo18ActiveAugust 24, 1978
Matt Hughes18RetiredOctober 13, 1973
Frankie Edgar18ActiveOctober 16, 1981
Clay Guida18ActiveDecember 8, 1981
Anderson Silva17RetiredApril 14, 1975
Derrick Lewis17ActiveFebruary 7, 1985
Darren Elkins17ActiveMay 16, 1984
Fighters with the most wins in UFC history

Inactive = No longer fighting for the UFC, but has the potential to rejoin as they’re not retired from MMA

DOB = Date of birth

Which Fighter Has a Chance at the Record for Most Wins in UFC History?

Jim Miller and Donald Cerrone are neck and neck with only 1 win separating them. They’re both 39 years old so it’s likely they’ll retire within the next few years. In the meantime, they’re both still winning fights and the record holder could be decided by favorable matchmaking or who wants it more.

Three fighters in the table stand out as fighters who could go on to take the record short and long-term. The three fighters are Charles Oliveira, Dustin Poirier, and Max Holloway. Jon Jones is a possible option but he’s been extremely inactive, only fighting once in 3 years since the start of 2020.

Charles Oliveira is the most likely to take the record, being dominant in the lightweight division, fighting consistently (2-3 times per year), and being just 32 years old.

Being so close to the record at 32, with the frontrunners being 39 years old and second-placed Andrei Arlovski being 43 years old, it’ll come down to longevity for Oliveira because as it stands he’s picking up wins at double the pace.

Dustin Poirier and Max Holloway also have a chance at the record, with Max being more likely because he’s 2 years younger than Poirier and Oliveira, and 9 years younger than the frontrunner, Jim Miller, while only being 5 wins behind.

Who Has the Most Wins in UFC History by Weight Class Division?

Here’s a table showing the athletes with the most wins in UFC history by weight class division:

HeavyweightAndre Arlovski23Active
Light HeavyweightJon Jones20Inactive
MiddleweightMichael Bisping16Retired
WelterweightNeil Magny20Active
LightweightJim Miller23Active
FeatherweightMax Holloway20Active
BantamweightTJ Dillashaw13Active
FlyweightJoseph Benavidez / Demetrious Johnson13Retired / Inactive
Women’s FeatherweightCristiane Justino4Inactive
Women’s BantamweightAmanda Nunes13Inactive
Women’s FlyweightValentina Shevchenko+9Active
Women’s StrawweightCarla Esparza#10Active
Fighters with the most wins in UFC history by weight class

+Katlyn Chookagian also has 9 wins in the women’s flyweight division, but Valentina Shevchenko made the table as she’s a dominant flyweight champion and likely to continue winning

#Joanna Jedrzejczyk also has 10 wins in the women’s strawweight division, but Carla Esparza made the table as she’s active and still winning, while Joanna has retired

Inactive = Fighting in another UFC division or no longer fighting for the UFC, but has the potential to rejoin as they’re not retired from MMA

Which Fighters Have a Chance at the Record for Most Wins in UFC History per Weight Class Division?

After looking through the records, below are the weight class divisions where there’s a chance of a new record holder. 

The divisions where the leaders are likely to remain for many years are heavyweight, light heavyweight, lightweight, featherweight, and in the women’s bantamweight and flyweight divisions.

In the middleweight division, either Brad Tavares or Derek Brunson is the most likely to take the record. Brad Tavaras has 14 middleweight wins and is only 34 years old, while Derek Brunson also has 14 and is 38 years old. Further down the list is the dominant champion, Israel Adesanya, with 12 wins at 33 years old.

For the welterweight division, Kamaru Usman currently has 15 wins and is the most likely to take the record long-term.

In the bantamweight division, Aljamain Sterling and Marlon Vera have 12 wins. Marlon Vera is the most likely to take the record long-term as he’s 4 years younger than Sterling at 29 years old, while Dillashaw is 36 years old and only 1 win ahead.

In the flyweight division, the closest to the record and only real contender is Deiveson Figueiredo with 10 wins.

In the women’s featherweight division, the current champion, Amanda Nunes, has 3 wins and is likely to continue defending her belt when the UFC can find her suitors.

In the women’s strawweight division, the competition is highest and the record could be taken by many women. Tecia Torres and Rose Namajunas both have 9 wins and are 33 and 30 years old. Jessica Andrade has 8 wins and is 30 years old.

The Bottom Line

So, ‘who has the most wins in UFC history’?

Jim Miller is leading the pack with 24 and is closely followed by Andrei Arlovski and Donald Cerrone.

The most likely to take the record both short-term (2-5 years) and long-term is (5+ years) either Charles Oliveira, Dustin Poirier, or Max Holloway.

In terms of the most wins in UFC history by weight class division, 6 out of 12 divisions have the potential of new record holders in the short-term, while long-term anything can happen.

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