15 Longest UFC Win Streaks (By Weight Class Included)

Anderson Silva vs Jared Cannonier

With many current dominant undisputed champions in the UFC, are you wondering who the longest UFC win streak belongs to?

In this article, we’ll look at who has the longest UFC win streak, the top 15 streaks, and the longest streaks by weight class division.

Who Has the Longest UFC Win Streak?

Anderson Silva has the longest UFC win streak, with 16 consecutive wins. His first UFC fight was against Chris Leben on June 28, 2006, and his 16th consecutive win was against Stephan Bonnar on October 13, 2012.

This is a span of 6 years, meaning he was having just under three fights per year. His winning streak was ended by a Chris Weidman KO on July 6, 2013, after Anderson Silva was showboating and not taking the fight seriously.

He’s since retired and his win streak is closely followed by very active and dominant undisputed welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman, with 15 consecutive wins. However, this was laid to rest after Usman was knocked out by Leon Edwards at UFC 278.

This is how Anderson Silva’s winning streak looks:

Win StreakDateOpponentWeight ClassMethod
1June 28, 2006Chris LebenMiddleweightKO (knee)
2October 14, 2006Rich FranklinMiddleweightKO (knee)
3February 3, 2007Travis LutterMiddleweightTKO (submission to elbows)
4July 7, 2007Nate MarquardtMiddleweightTKO (punches)
5October 20, 2007Rich FranklinMiddleweightTKO (knees)
6March 1, 2008Dan HendersonMiddleweightSubmission (rear-naked choke)
7July 19, 2008James IrvinLight heavyweightKO (punches)
8October 25, 2008Patrick CoteMiddleweightTKO (knee injury)
9April 18, 2009Thales LeitesMiddleweightUnanimous decision
10August 8, 2009Forrest GriffinLight heavyweightKO (punch)
11April 10, 2010Demian MaiaMiddleweightUnanimous decision
12August 7, 2010Chael SonnenMiddleweightSubmission (triangle armbar)
13February 5, 2011Vitor BelfortMiddleweightKO (front kick and punches)
14August 27, 2011Yushin OkamiMiddleweightTKO (punches)
15July 7, 2012Chael SonnenMiddleweightTKO (knee and punches)
16October 13, 2012Stephan BonnarLight heavyweightTKO (knee and punches)
Anderson Silva’s 16-win streak

As can be seen from the table, 3 of the wins were in the light heavyweight division, and 13 were in the middleweight division.

Longest UFC Win Streaks

Here’s the table of the 15 longest UFC win streaks:

FighterWin StreakStreak StartedStreak EndedDivision
1. Anderson Silva (Brazilian)16June 28, 2006July 6, 2013MW 13 / LHW 3
2. Kamaru Usman (Nigerian)15July 12, 2015August 21, 2022WW 15
3. Georges St-Pierre (Canadian)13Aug 25, 2007February 21, 2019 (retired)WW 12 / MW 1
4. Jon Jones (American)13March 21, 2010July 29, 2017 (no contest)LHW 13
5. Demetrious Johnson (American)13June 8, 2012August 4, 2018FLW 13
6. Khabib Nurmagomedov (Russian)13January 20, 2012March 18, 2021 (retired)LW 12 / CW 1
7. Max Holloway (American)13January 4, 2014April 13, 2019FTW 12 / CW 1
8. Amanda Nunes (Brazilian)12March 21, 2015December 11, 2021BTW 9 / FW 3
9. Tony Ferguson (American)12October 17, 2013May 9, 2020LW 12
10. Alexander Volkanovski (Australian)12November 26, 2016February 11, 2023FTW 10 / LW 1 / CW 1
11. Islam Makhachev (Russian)12September 17, 2016Active (2023)LW 11 / CW 1
12. Charles Oliveira (Brazilian)11June 09, 2018October 22, 2022LW 10 / CW 1
13. Arnold Allen (English)10June 20, 2015April 15, 2023LW 10
14. Valentina Shevchenko (Russian)9February 3, 2018March 4, 2023FLW 9
15. Israel Adesanya (Nigerian)9February 10, 2018March 6, 2021MW 9
Longest UFC win streaks

Note: CW stands for catchweight and these records reflect those starting at UFC 28 (2000) after the UFC adopted the Official Unified Rules of MMA.

Many believe Jon Jones has the longest UFC win streak with 17, and it would be 18 if it weren’t for the knockout win against Daniel Cormier on July 29, 2017, being overturned as a no-contest

It was overturned to a no-contest because Jones was popped for steroids after his pre-fight drug tests came back positive. Therefore the UFC doesn’t consider the win streak active as it ended at 13 with a no-contest.

Kamaru Usman was the most likely fighter to equal or beat Anderson Silva’s record of 16 consecutive wins until he lost to Leon Edwards at UFC 278 on August 21, 2022.

Khabib and Georges St-Pierre were dominant champions who may have leveled or beaten a streak of 16 but ended their win streaks by retiring.

Royce Gracie had a UFC win streak of 11 but didn’t make the list as his wins were in a tournament format and before the UFC started to record stats from UFC 28.

Longest UFC Win Streaks by Weight Class

There are 12 UFC weight classes, 8 for men and 4 for women, and these are the longest win streaks within each:

DivisionFighterStreak StartedStreak EndedWin Streak
Flyweight (125 lbs)Demetrious Johnson (American)June 8, 2012August 4, 201813
Bantamweight (135 lbs)Aljamain Sterling (American)April 21, 2018Active (2022)7
Featherweight (145 lbs)Max Holloway (American)January 4, 2014April 13, 201912
Lightweight (155 lbs)Tony Ferguson (American)October 17, 2013May 9, 202012
Welterweight (170 lbs)Kamaru Usman (Nigerian)July 12, 2015August 21, 202215
Middleweight (185 lbs)Anderson Silva (Brazilian)June 28, 2006July 6, 201313
Light heavyweight (205 lbs)Jon Jones (American)March 21, 2010July 29, 2017 (no contest)13
Heavyweight (265 lbs)Junior Dos Santos (Brazilian)October 25, 2008December 29, 20129
Women’s strawweight (115 lbs)Joanna Jedrzejczyk (Polish)July 26, 2014November 4, 20178
Women’s Flyweight (125 lbs)Valentina Shevchenko (Russian)February 3, 2018Active (2022)9
Women’s Bantamweight (135 lbs)Amanda Nunes (Brazilian)March 21, 2015December 11, 20219
Women’s Featherweight (145 lbs)Amanda Nunes (Brazilian)December 29, 2018Active (2022)3
Longest UFC win streaks by weight class

Note: Cris Cyborg also has a 3-win streak in the women’s featherweight division, but Amanda Nunes made the table as her streak is 3 and still active. She was also the fighter to take the featherweight title from Cyborg.

Max Holloway’s official UFC win streak for the featherweight division is down as 13, but this isn’t true, as one of his 13 fights was a catchweight of 149 lbs, as Clay Collard stepped in on 5 days notice after an injury to Mirsad Bektic. Therefore this can’t be considered a featherweight win.

This is why Anderson Silva’s streak is down as 13 because 3 of his wins were in the light heavyweight division.

However, perhaps the UFC gave Holloway the catchweight as a featherweight win because it wasn’t his fault as to why the fight didn’t take place at 145 lbs and was down to an unfortunate injury to his opponent. If he didn’t accept the fight, it would’ve been a canceled bout.

Questions and Answers

Who has the longest undefeated streak in UFC history?

Jon Jones has the longest undefeated streak in UFC history of 18 fights. These 18 fights are made up of 13 straight wins, 1 no-contest, and another 4 wins. 

His loss before this streak was caused by some poor refereeing, as Steve Mazzagatti immediately disqualified Jones for a couple of illegal elbows; which should have been a point deduction at most.

If it wasn’t for the overturned no-contest and a misused disqualification, Jon Jones would have an undefeated UFC win streak of 22.

Who has the most wins in UFC history?

Jim Miller has the most, with 24 wins out of 40 fights. His first win was on October 18, 2008, and his 24th win was against Donald Cerrone, on July 2, 2022. In the fight against Cerrone, both fighters were on 23 wins and were fighting for the record.

Who has the most fights in UFC history?

Jim Miller has the most UFC fights with 40.

To Summarize

This has been the longest UFC win streaks by number and by division, which is dominated by American and Brazilian fighters, and many of the best UFC fighters to grace the octagon.

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