How Much Are UFC Tickets Usually? (2023 Updated + Tables)

Are you wondering how much UFC tickets cost?

In this article, we’ll look at how much UFC tickets costs on average since the start of 2020, how much UFC Apex tickets are, how much UFC weigh-in tickets are, and the best way to buy UFC tickets.

How Much Are UFC Tickets?

By looking at 27 UFC events that hosted fans from the 1st January 2020 to 1st August 2022, UFC tickets are an average of $269.

This was calculated by adding up the average UFC ticket price for each event and dividing the total by 27 events ($7274 / 27 = $269).

There were 30 events during this time, but three events haven’t been included in the calculation because they were at Fight Island in Abu Dhabi, which never discloses the total gate. Two of the three had attendances of only 2,000 and 2,600, so wouldn’t have been included anyway.

The average UFC ticket price for Fight Nights is $124 and the tickets ranged from $57 to $263 based on the 8 Fight Nights in the table below. The average price was slightly bumped by UFC London (FN:204), which was expensive and had an average price of $263.

The average UFC ticket price for a PPV is $330 and the tickets ranged from $182 to $786 based on the 19 PPV events in the table. PPV tickets can easily run up to $2,000 and much higher than this for the most in-demand PPV events. For example, octagon-side seats for UFC 229 started at $10,000.

Here’s the table of all 27 events:

UFC EventVenueLocationTotal GateAttendanceAverage UFC Ticket Price
UFC 261VyStar Veterans Memorial ArenaJacksonville, Florida, USA$3,300,00015,269$216
UFC 262Toyota CenterHouston, Texas, USA$4,110,00016,005$257
UFC 263Gila River ArenaGlendale, Arizona, USA$4,200,00017,208$244
UFC 264T-Mobile ArenaLas Vegas, Nevada, USA$15,759,80020,062$786
UFC 265Toyota CenterHouston, Texas, USA$3,460,00016,604$208
UFC 266T-Mobile ArenaLas Vegas, Nevada, USA$5,609,90619,029$295
UFC 268Madison Square GardenNew York City, USA$9,903,55720,715$478
UFC 269T-Mobile ArenaLas Vegas, Nevada, USA$8,000,0018,471$433
UFC 270Honda CenterAnaheim, California, USA$5,290,21317,387$304
UFC 271Toyota CenterHouston, Texas, USA$4,300,00017,872$241
UFC 272T-Mobile ArenaLas Vegas, Nevada, USA$6,760,00019,425$348
UFC FN:204O2 ArenaLondon, England$4,500,00017,081$263
UFC ESPN:33Nationwide ArenaColumbus, Ohio, USA$1,921,98818,630$103
UFC 273VyStar Veterans Memorial ArenaJacksonville, Florida, USA$3,550,00014,604$243
UFC 274Footprint CenterPhoenix, Arizona, USA$6,127,96217,232$356
UFC 275Singapore Indoor StadiumKallang, Singapore$1,546,73210,787$143
UFC ESPN:37Moody CenterAustin, Texas, USA$1,930,00013,689$141
UFC 276T-Mobile ArenaLas Vegas, Nevada, USA$10,409,55319,649$530
UFC ABC:3UBS ArenaElmont, New York, USA$2,110,00016,979$124
UFC 277American Airlines CenterDallas, Texas, USA$4,455,69119,442$229
UFC 248T-Mobile ArenaLas Vegas, Nevada, USA$2,742,90615,077$182
UFC FN:169Chartway ArenaNorfolk, Virginia, USA$402,9587098$57
UFC FN:168Spark ArenaAuckland, New Zealand$1,239,62510,025$124
UFC FN:167Santa Ana Star CenterRio Rancho, New Mexico, USA$596,8206,449$93
UFC 247Toyota CenterHouston, Texas, USA$3,549,41817,401$204
UFC FN:166PNC ArenaRaleigh, North Carolina, USA$1,303,32014,533$90
UFC 246T-Mobile ArenaLas Vegas, Nevada, USA$11,087,62919,040$582
Average UFC ticket price

There have been many more events than this, but as a result of the covid pandemic, the majority of UFC Fight Nights have been hosted at the UFC apex in Las Vegas; which hasn’t been open to fans as it’s only a small venue and because of covid concerns.

As can be seen from the table, the average UFC ticket price of $269 has been taken from 19 PPV events and 8 Fight Nights since the start of 2020. PPV events are more expensive than Fight Night events because ticket demand is higher.

These are the averages over the past 2 and a half years, and the price range also depends on event capacity, event location, demand, and seat location. Events in the USA are typically cheaper, and seating closer to the octagon is much more expensive than the outside seats.

How Much Are UFX Apex Tickets?

Starting midway through 2022, UFX apex tickets became available to the public. There are a very limited number of tickets for sale, between 100 and 120 in total, at a minimum price of $1,675 each. However, ticket availability at the UFC apex depends on how many complimentary tickets the UFC has given out for the upcoming event.

They’re expensive because it’s considered a VIP experience, where there’s an inclusive buffet, an open bar, and an in-seat drink service. Customers also receive a framed plaque, a souvenir ticket, and a piece of the octagon mat from that night; and can enter the octagon for a picture after the main event.

Customers have to contact the UFC via email (bottom of the page) to enquire about ticket availability. With plans to expand the UFC Apex to seat 1,000 fans, the prices are likely to come down in the future.

How Much Are UFC Weigh-in Tickets?

There aren’t any tickets for the official UFC weigh-in as only the media attend. Ceremonial UFC weigh-ins are free to attend and to some events, you’ll be given a ticket on the way in.

The tickets are given on a first-come, first-served basis, and the first tickets are reserved for fans holding VIP tickets, as ceremonial weigh-in tickets are included in all 6 VIP packages.

Ceremonial weigh-ins usually seat between 3000 to 5000 fans, but for the bigger UFC events, they’ll seat around 10,000 – which also depends on the size of the venue.

Because of this, it’s best to arrive an hour early for events held at smaller venues, especially PPVs. Ceremonial weigh-ins usually open their doors about an hour before the weigh-ins start, so if you get there an hour before this, you’ll likely get in and avoid the long queues.

Ceremonial weigh-ins are often held at the arena where the fights are hosted, and if not it’ll be somewhere close by. All information about the location is released online in advance.

If you can’t attend, ceremonial UFC weigh-ins can be watched live on, Twitch, Facebook, Youtube, and UFC Fight Pass.

Where’s the Best Place To Buy UFC Tickets?

UFC tickets normally go on sale 6 weeks before the event date, so if the certainty of tickets is your preference, the best option is to become a UFC Fight Club Ultimate Member for an annual price of $85.

This gives you access to 6 pre-sale tickets for every UFC event throughout the year. The pre-sale usually starts 2 days before the general ticket sale begins, and all information regarding the pre-sale is provided to Ultimate Members beforehand.

However, pre-sale is unlikely to be needed for the majority of events, but it can be useful for huge PPV events which sometimes sell out in a matter of hours.

The next best option for guaranteed tickets is to buy VIP tickets, but they can be very expensive and aren’t available for every event.

UFC VIP tickets range in price a lot more than normal tickets, starting as low as $400, and for some events going as high as $5000.

If you don’t have UFC Fight Club or VIP tickets, the next best way is to buy UFC tickets at, by looking for the event you wish to attend. Going direct through the UFC website means you’ll be directed to the partnered ticket seller for the event, mostly determined by event location.

If you want UFC tickets and are more concerned with price, you should visit and then compare the prices between all sellers. The main sellers of UFC tickets are:


It’s hard to say one of these websites is the best, and they should all be checked for price comparison and seat availability.

For most events, especially Fight Nights and the less hyped PPVs, comparing prices is worthwhile. However, for the biggest PPV events, they can sell out in a matter of hours so if you want the certainty of tickets, it’s best to go through the UFC website and buy quickly.

The Bottom Line

So, how much are UFC tickets usually?

Based on all UFC events from 1st January 2020, to 1st August 2022, the average UFC ticket price is $269, $124 for Fight Nights, and $330 for PPV events. These are the averages over the past 2 and a half years, and the price range can depend on event capacity, event location, demand, and seat location.

UFX Apex tickets currently start at $1,675, but it’s best to check the UFC website as prices could change. UFC ceremonial weigh-in tickets are free, but getting in requires you to get there an hour early.

The best way to buy UFC tickets is by getting a UFC Fight Club membership which gives access to pre-sale tickets.

UFC ticket prices are expected to continue rising, as MMA and the UFC become more popular and demand for the tickets allows them to raise the prices – which seems to be the case at any event in the UK.

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