What Is the Chael Sonnen Undefeated Joke? (Or Lost a Round)

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Have you heard the phrase ‘Chael Sonnen undefeated’ and are wondering what it means or where it came from?

In this article, we’ll look at what the Chael Sonnen undefeated joke is, where it came from, and what the Chael Sonnen never lost a round joke is.

What Is the Chael Sonnen Undefeated Joke?

The Chael Sonnen undefeated line is a joke which started with Chael Sonnen claiming he was undefeated and undisputed despite having at least 10 losses in his MMA career already.

Chael Sonnen claimed he was undefeated and undisputed because it was part of his heel. A heel in wrestling is someone who plays the villain, which Chael Sonnen carried over to MMA to become one of the all-time top UFC trash talkers with his wit, humor, and ability to get under his opponent’s skin.

Chael Sonnen’s undefeated and undisputed line was another way of his to annoy his opponent and get under their skin, as well as rally fans either behind him or against him to build up excitement for his fights. This makes him more of a draw and he earns more money as a result.

It’s well-known in the MMA community that although Chael Sonnen was a great fighter, his persona and hilarious lines got him three title fights when he shouldn’t have been next in line – against Jon Jones and Anderson Silva twice.

Taking the joke even further, Chael Sonnen even started carrying around a UFC replica belt to interviews and press conferences in the run-up to his first fight against Anderson Silva and continued doing so even after losing in the 5th round despite dominating the whole fight.

To support his claim as undefeated after the Silva loss, Chael Sonnen said there was a misunderstanding with the rules, as he thought tapping meant he simply lost that round; and because he’d dominated the other 4 rounds he would become the undisputed UFC middleweight champion.

Because of his ability to communicate effectively, play the heel, bring millions of new fans to the sport, and even convince people to believe things that simply aren’t true on multiple occasions, the MMA community simply went along with the Chael Sonnen undefeated and undisputed joke.

It’s also because of his ability to make outrageous claims with complete composure, confidence, and a straight face – his sarcasm is unparalleled. Going along with the joke has become part of it because it’s almost as if Chael Sonnen has hypnotized fans by continually feeding them propaganda.

Here’s a short video of Chael Sonnen claiming he’s undefeated and undisputed before his fight against Michael Bisping.

Chael Sonnen Undefeated and Undisputed Joke Examples

The Chael Sonnen undefeated and undisputed joke spread like wildfire, and here are some of the best ways the joke continued.

1. Keeping his undefeated and undisputed title, fans have claimed Chael Sonnen never tapped against Anderson Silva in the 5th. Instead, he was hitting him with powerful slaps to solidify his win.

2. Fans have claimed Jon Jones’ sole career loss was to Chael Sonnen via broken toe. The two have had a frosty relationship, and in June 2021, Jones blocked Chael on Twitter. Chael Sonnen claimed Jon Jones tapped via cowardice and claimed himself as undefeated and undisputed.

3. Fans have said, “I like Chael so much I seriously have brainwashed myself to think Chael never lost a fight”, to which others reply, “What are you talking about, he never lost a fight, he’s undefeated and undisputed.”

4. In December 2021, Chael Sonnen was involved in a hotel fight against 5 men, for which he was hit with 11 charges: 1 felony, and 10 misdemeanor battery charges. Fans have claimed Chael Sonnen upped his record by 5 wins in one night and remained undefeated and undisputed.

Making this funnier is how a few years prior to the incident, Chael Sonnen said in a post-fight interview, “1 on 1, 2 on 1, 5 on 1, I’ll make them all need 911”.

5. Others have claimed Chael Sonnen’s undefeated and undisputed by using an old Bruce Lee quote which read, “Defeat is a state of mind; no one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as reality”.

6. In TUF Season 17, Uriah Hall talked to head coach Chael Sonnen about his lack of confidence. Chael Sonnen opened up and talked about how he went through a similar thing after losing many times via submission in the second round of fights.

Fans have claimed Chael Sonnen is an amazing coach because he lies to Uriah Hall about how he lost fights in order to humanize himself and allow Uriah to relate to him and feel more confident as a result.

What Is the Chael Sonnen Never Lost a Round Joke?

Even more outrageous than Chael Sonnen’s undefeated and undisputed line, he claimed several times in his career he’d never lost a round of fighting in his life, once saying to Ariel Helwani in an interview, “I’ve fought 48 men and never lost a round, never had a round go against me.”

Carrying on the joke, many fans said there was some truth to the claim because he’s either dominating every round and he wins the fight or he’s finished in the round and the fight is over. In this sense, Chael Sonnen has never lost a round on the judge’s scorecards.

The Bottom Line

So, ‘what is the Chael Sonnen undefeated and undisputed joke?’

The Chael Sonnen undefeated and undisputed joke is a joke initially started by Chael Sonnen to irritate his opponents and get fans intrigued by him and his fights. Chael Sonnen kept up with the joke as part of his heel and the MMA community latched onto it and kept it going – where it’s now forever.

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